Dr Oz: Dull Breast Pain, Swelling, Soreness & Heart Attack Symptoms


Dr Oz: Is It Breast Pain or a Heart Attack?

Did you know that sore breasts are often a regular symptom of the menstrual cycle? How do you know if you are having typical pains or a heart attack? Dr Oz picked Nethea from the audience as his Assistant of the Day to help us tell the difference.

Dr Oz: Dull Breast Pain Vs Heart Attack

Breast soreness happens sometimes, and Dr Oz said that it’s important to know when it can be serious and worth paying attention to. As we age, our arteries can narrow if we are not taking care of our health. That can cause a rupture that results in a heart attack.


Dr Oz: Dull Breast Pain, Swelling, Soreness & Heart Attack Symptoms

Do your breasts hurt but you’re not sure why? Dr Oz explained how to tell whether symptoms are common due to hormones & aging or are a heart attack warning.

On the other hand, breast pain can be different and is more common. He quizzed Nethea and the audience to teach them the symptoms. If you have dull pain that gets worse with age, that is probably Breast Pain, which can be uncomfortable but is not necessarily a heart attack.

Breast Tissue inside the skin becomes heavier when you age. That can lead to stretching and strain by your 40s. The problem can continue to worsen over the years, causing sagging and tension. That is the dull pain.


Dr Oz: Bra Support To Prevent Breast Pain

Jene Luciani is the author of The Bra Book, and she sent Dr Oz a video with advice for preventing breast pain that come with age. Choose a bra that has an underwire and find straps that are wider than your thumb. Cups must be sturdy enough to stand on their own, and you can choose light padding for comfort.

Dr Oz: Breast Soreness from Swelling

A symptom of Breast Soreness, especially if it comes on every few weeks, is breast pain related to hormonal cycles or even Menopause. You should notice tenderness and swelling on both sides if it is the result of hormones.

Dr Oz suggested an anti-inflammatory non-steroidal cream as a topical method for pain relief.

Dr Oz: Breast Pressure Heart Attack Symptom

If you feel breast pressure, that is a warning sign of a heart attack. Fullness and pressure are something to worry about, especially if you also feel light-headed, short of breath, or fatigued. Carry aspirin with you in your purse, so that if you or someone else needs it, it can be chewed in an emergency as you call 911.


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