Dr Oz: Dry Cough Vs Wet Cough Medicine & Flu Vs Cold Symptoms


Dr Oz: Winter Rescue Prescription

Cold and flu season is here, and it’s hitting earlier than usual in some states. About 20% of people get the flu each year, and more than one billion of us will have a cold before the season is over. You can be ready to do battle this year thanks to Dr Oz’s Winter Rescue Prescription. Learn to quickly diagnose flu vs cold symptoms and get advice on dry cough vs wet cough from Dr Oz and a team of experts.

Dr Oz: Nasal Spray Magic Bullet For Colds

Cold, dry weather conditions help colds and flus live longer and make person-to-person transmission easier, according to Dr Daria Long. She said that’s why we are all more likely to get sick in the wintertime.


Dr Oz: Dry Cough Vs Wet Cough Medicine & Flu Vs Cold Symptoms

Dr Oz and experts explained how to diagnose flu vs cold symptoms and treat winter illnesses. Learn the difference between dry cough vs wet cough medication.

Dr Long said your first defense when you sense cold symptoms coming on is to reach for a nasal spray. That’s because dry nasal passages can breed bacteria and make a welcome home for viruses.

Nasal spray could keep you healthy even if you have congestion or other symptoms. Choose a nasal spray with sodium chloride and purified water as ingredients. Doctor Oz thinks nasal spray is your magic bullet this cold and flu season.


Dr Oz: Flu Vs Cold Symptoms

How can you tell whether you are dealing with flu vs cold symptoms? A quick diagnosis is key to getting help fast and minimizing the duration of your illness.

Dr Robert Glatter explained that the flu comes on fast and attacks your whole body. Cold symptoms, on the other hand, will creep in more slowly.

Watch your symptoms. If you have back pain or muscle aches, that’s probably the flu. A dry cough and congestion signify a cold.

Dr Oz: Forehead Temperature Myth

Have you ever used the back of your hand to check your forehead temperature? That may be an old habit, but Dr Holly Phillips explained it’s a medical myth that won’t help you with a diagnosis.

Always take your body temperature using a thermometer. Watch children for symptoms such as shivering and sweating to indicate they might be under the weather.

Dr Oz: Acetaminophen Vs Ibuprofen Fever Treatment

What’s the best way to treat a fever? According to Dr Phillips, you should try switching between Acetaminophen Vs Ibuprofen every five hours or so. Though their relief benefits are similar, they target different receptors in the body, which could result in more effective treatment for you or your child.

Using cold towels behind the neck and under each arm can also provide fast relief for fever sufferers.

Dr Oz: Black Currant Sore Throat Remedy

Did you know you can diagnose your own sore throat by looking in the mirror? If your throat looks irritated and red, that is likely a cold. But if you see patches or pus, your illness is more severe.

Dr Chandra Ivey said that Black Currant Lozenges can fight a sore throat. Her advice was to skip mentholated ingredients, which can attack good bacteria and cause future health problems.

Dr Oz: Dry Cough Vs Wet Cough

What type of cough do you have? Depending on whether it is a dry cough vs wet cough, you will need to take a different approach to treatment.

A Dry Cough will require a cough suppressant. This type of cough is common but can be dangerous, so you want to get it under control before it can damage the throat. Choose a product containing dextromethorphan (DM).

For a Wet Cough, you are producing mucus, and you want to clear it out using a cough expectorant. Products with guaifenesin can help thin mucus to make it easier for your body to expel it. Be sure to take a cough expectorant with a full glass of water.

Staying hydrated is a great plan anyway, whether you have the cold, the flu, or are perfectly healthy. Will you be prepared for cold and flu season this year?


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