Dr Oz: Dry Cough Vs Wet Cough Medicine & Flu Vs Cold Symptoms


Dr Oz: Winter Rescue Prescription

Cold and flu season is here, and it’s hitting earlier than usual in some states. About 20% of people get the flu each year, and more than one billion of us will have a cold before the season is over. You can be ready to do battle this year thanks to Dr Oz’s Winter Rescue Prescription. Learn to quickly diagnose flu vs cold symptoms and get advice on dry cough vs wet cough from Dr Oz and a team of experts.

Dr Oz: Nasal Spray Magic Bullet For Colds

Cold, dry weather conditions help colds and flus live longer and make person-to-person transmission easier, according to Dr Daria Long. She said that’s why we are all more likely to get sick in the wintertime.

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