Dr Oz: Drugs Not To Take: Antidepressants, Blood Pressure & Statins


Dr Joe Mercola: Drugs Not To Take

Dr Oz’s guest was controversial medical critic Dr Joe Mercola, who shared Reasons Not To Trust Your Doctor. He advocates a more holistic approach, and is not a fan of prescription drugs. Dr Mercola talked about three common prescriptions on his list of drugs not to take. They include Blood Pressure medication, Antidepressants, and Statins. See if you agree with what he has to say.

Drugs Not To Take: Statins

Dr Joe Mercola: Drugs Not To Take

Dr Oz's guest, Dr Joe Mercola, explained three drugs not to take, including antidepressants, blood pressure medicine, and statins.


Statins are used to manage high cholesterol, and Dr Oz said that Cholesterol issues can have devastating effects for patients. Dr Mercola agreed, but said he believes the drug is being over-prescribed. He estimated that 25% of Americans are taking these types of drugs.

Though Statins do have anti-inflammatory properties, he does not recommend them to patients. He prefers to look at a dietary approach to replace bad fats with healthier choices.

That’s because Dr Mercola said Statins don’t treat the actual medical problem, instead alleviating the symptom. He believes that the best way to help patients is getting to the root cause of a health issue.


Drugs Not To Take: Blood Pressure Medication

Hypertension, or High Blood Pressure, is another common condition in Americans. But Dr Mercola said in many cases, Blood Pressure is falsely elevated. He suggested swapping carbohydrates for good fats, once again to treat the cause of this disease.

Dr Oz said that some patients don’t find results through diet adjustments alone. In those cases, Dr Mercola advised taking a 400 mg Magnesium supplement or adding bitter melon and Olive Leaf Extract to your diet.

Of course, we know that Dr Oz is open to natural remedies, but he said no one should stop taking their Blood Pressure Medication without first consulting with their prescribing physician.

Drugs Not To Take: Antidepressants

Last on Dr Mercola’s list of drugs never to take were Antidepressants. He openly admitted this is a controversial topic, but again wanted to get to the underlying reasons behind depression.

He suggested changing your lifestyle and considering alternatives such as therapy and exercise. Dr Mercola said light therapy can be effective for seasonal depression. He also recommended trying St. John’s Wort and cutting sugar out of your diet.

Dr Oz said that he agrees there are alternatives, but in cases of severe depression, patients might still need medication.

What do you think of the points Dr Mercola made? Please remember not to make any changes to your prescription drug regimen without consulting your doctor first.



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