Dr Oz: Dr Susan Blum’s Immune System Recovery Plan & Effects on Health


Dr Oz: The Immune System Recovery Plan

Dr Oz said that by improving your immunity, you can improve your entire health. Everything from skin dryness to having more energy to staying healthy is connected to your immunity. Some women have noticed that they feel exhausted after sleeping 10 hours, get sick two times a month, feel exhausted, and just feel out of sorts with advanced age.

Dr Oz: Dr Susan Blum's Immune System Recovery Plan & Effects on Health

Dr Oz and Dr Susan Blum looked at the ways toxins, germs, and anxiety can beat down your immune system. Feeling run down? It might be your immune system!


Dr Susan Blum wrote The Immune System Recovery Plan and Dr Oz turned to her to see what these women can do to improve their immunity. She said there are four questions that everyone can ask themselves to find out if their immune systems are compromised. 

  • Have you been sick two times or more in the last six months?
  • Do you wake up tired, even after a good night’s sleep? This could be a sign of fatigued adrenal glands
  • Have you used antacids or heartburn medications daily for more than 30 days? Medications that try to tame your stomach acid have a negative effect on your gut bacteria that is essential.
  • Do you wake up with your rings tight in the morning? This could be a sign of a toxin build up, and your body is holding water to dilute the poison.

Dr Oz said that answering yes to one or more of these questions could mean a weakened immune system.

Dr Susan Blum: Inflammatory Foods Weaken Immune System

Dr Blum said having a strong immune system means you will be able to feel better as you age. If you don’t take care of yourself when you are younger, your immune system will be affected later in life. She said that the food we eat can be a huge factor in a healthy immune system.


Foods that create inflammation, like sugar and bread, can really damage your immune system and gut. They won’t just make you gain weight, but they will damage your body by creating inflammation. Some foods carry toxins, like fish carry mercury. Pesticides on food can hurt your liver and create inflammation.

Dr Oz: Lack Of Sleep Depletes Immunities

Another immunity destroyer includes lack of sleep. Not getting a good night’s sleep can mean damaging your adrenal glands, said Dr Blum. Anxiety will also add to destroying your immunity.

Dr Oz created an immunity wall demonstration. The immunity wall beats back poison, toxin, germs, and fungi that try to take you down. The immunity wall was then broken down by Dr Oz, no sleep, illness, stress, anxiety, and different factors. Eventually the immunity wall is laying on the floor and you are not feeling as “rich” as before. Dr Oz illustrated this by taking the gold bars that the immunity wall was keeping safe.

Dr Oz promises to show us how to beat back the toxins with a strong immunity wall.


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