Dr Oz: Dr Sebastian Schubl from ‘NY Med’ – Still Single or Not?


Dr. Oz: NY Med & Personal Life

In his NY Med reunion show, Dr. Oz commented that Dr. Sebastian Schubl, Dr. McHandsome as some people refer to him, was very open about his personal life on the show. Dr. Schubl continually discussed the divorce of his wife on camera. He said the divorce happened essentially because of his job.

Dr Oz: Dr Sebastian Schubl from 'NY Med' - Still Single or Not?

Dr. Oz sits down with Dr. Sebastian Schubl to find out if he is single and how the cameras have affected him.


Dr. Schubl said the long hours and the time away from his wife is what broke them apart. He also said he felt he needed to be open on camera because people want to know who he is on the show and he wanted people to be able to see that doctors and nurses have flaws too, he is not perfect.

Dr Oz: Dr Sebastian Schubl Girlfriend?

An audience member from the crowd asked Dr. Schubl how he feels working all day and knowing the camera is always going to be on. Dr. Schubl said he thinks he acts the same on camera as he does off camera. He said it was not hard having the cameras around and said he got used to them pretty quickly.

Of course Dr. Oz had to ask Dr. Schubl if he was single, to which he said he is not and hasn’t been even since the show was aired. He said the editors cut out the parts where he mentioned his girlfriend.


Dr. Oz even put an audience member on the stop when he asked if she thought Dr. Schubl was cute. She said she had a big crush on him. Immidiatly after she admitted she had the crush, Dr. Oz introduced her to the women she was sitting next to, Dr. Schubl’s girlfriend. Awkward.

Dr. Oz: Dr. Schubl’s Personal Mentor

Dr. Schubl said he has known Dr. Oz since he began his medical career. Dr. Schubl said he applied to work in Dr. Oz’s lab when Dr. Schubl was just 22. Dr. Oz let him in and Dr. Schubl said Dr. Oz has been his mentor since.

Dr. Schubl even mentioned that Dr. Oz has been Dr. Oz-esque things since he can remember, citing a time when Dr. Oz made everyone in the lab go get their cholesterol checked to make sure they were all healthy.

Dr. Oz: Joanna’s Update – NY Med

Joanna was a patient on NY Med who needed surgery on her colon. She said she was terrified for the operation but was able to make it through because of her family and friends. She is now recovering great.


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