Dr Oz: Double Hanging Closet Rod & Cosmetic Magnet De-Clutter Tips


Dr Oz: How To De-Clutter Your House

Doctor Oz promised to reveal what’s in our house that is sucking our energy levels and dragging us down. It’s something everyone probably struggles with, and he invited an expert to help us learn how to conquer it.

The biggest energy zapper in your house right now is lack of space, according to Dr Oz. He invited an organizational expert, Julie Morgenstern, to share her advice for clearing up our space and having a less stressful home environment.


Dr Oz Magnetic Makeup

Dr Oz spoke about great organizing tips like making a Magnetic Makeup Board.

Julie explained that clutter can really slow you down and waste time, especially in the morning. If you are running around searching for materials you need, or clothes for school and work, this can make you late and start the whole day off on a sour note.

Dr Oz: Refrigerator Organizing Advice

Alyssa lives in Kansas, but through the magic of Skype she appeared on the show to complain about her cluttered kitchen. She said it slows her down when she has to search for things she knows are around. Sometimes she simply can’t find them, and that has got to be frustrating.


Julie said you can actually organize your fridge to make it easier on yourself. She suggested grouping foods by day of the week, and keeping all the foods you’ll need for a specific day together in a drawer or shelf. That way you can just grab what you need and go. (It helps to have a big refrigerator!)

Dr Oz: Double Hanging Rod Fixes Clothes Clutter

In the studio, audience member Laurie Ann complained about the clutter in her closet and the piles of clothes strewn around her bedroom. She even brought a photo of her bedroom; I would be embarrassed to show my house looking like that.

Julie said you can reduce clothing clutter by changing the way you think about closet storage. Most of us simply think of the horizontal bar, but you can really make an impact by going vertical in the closet.

She advised installing a Double Hanging Rod to increase your closet space. Another of her tips was to sort your clothing by grouping like colors together. She said this should make it easier to find what you’re looking for fast.

Dr Oz: Magnetic Makeup

Another woman, Stephanie, complained that her morning routine slows her down because it’s hard to find the makeup she needs in her bathroom. Julie said this is typical of people who live in small spaces, because we want to keep everything within arm’s reach near the sink.

She said you can use tiny, inexpensive magnets to organize your beauty products. Just attach a magnet to each of your cosmetics, and install a magnetic board on the wall in your bathroom. This keeps things organized and within reach. It’s a cheap way to save time in the morning.


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