Dr Oz: Dog Sunscreen & Dog Harness Review: Dog Summer Survival Guide


Dr Oz: Dog Days Summer Survival Guide

We’ve all heard about the Dog Days of Summer, but despite the misleading cliche, dogs don’t like the high heat any more than humans do. Dr Oz invited veterinarian Jeff Werber to share some Dog Health Tips for surviving the summer heat. Recently, Dr Oz featured the human version of his Summer Survival Guide. Now here are the highlights of Dr Oz’s Dog Summer Survival Guide.

Dr Jeff Werber said it’s important to keep dogs in good health by getting them an annual checkup wtih your vet. He also reviewed products such as Dog Sunscreen and a Dog Car Harness for your summer vacation. Dr Oz invited his own dog, Rosie, to be the model for this segment about summer pet health.


Dog Summer Survival Guide: Dr Oz

Dr Oz's Dog Summer Survival Guide can help you keep your pet safe and healthy during the Dog Days of Summer.

Dr Oz: Dog Summer Sunscreen

In summer and any time of year, your dog needs to stay healthy. Make sure to keep his or her nails trimmed and coat brushed. Note any changes or abnormalities on the dog’s skin. Dr Werber said that you should actually not cut your pet’s hair in the summer, because a healthy coat is helpful in protecting your dog from the heat. You can use SPF 30 sunscreen on your dog’s exposed skin areas with lighter coat coverage.

Dr Oz: Dog Car Harness Review

Dogs love the sensory overload they get from sticking their noses out the window as you drive down the road. But that can be dangerous, and you want to keep your pet safe in case of an accident. That’s why Dr Weber suggested getting a Dog Car Harness. Most of these products will buckle into your car’s seatbelt, letting the dog have some range of motion while still being protected in your car.


Dr Oz: Dog Summer Car Ride Tips

Be sure to keep your windows at least halfway up when your dog is in the car. Lock them in place, if possible. That way they won’t be tempted to jump out at a stoplight if they see a tempting squirrel or other distraction. In dusty or smoggy conditions, roll the windows up and be sure to run the air conditioning.

Dr Weber said it’s never OK to leave your dog in the car during the summer, even for a few minutes. It only takes 10 or 15 minutes for a hot car’s temperature to reach 120 degrees.

Dr Oz: Dog Heat Stroke Warning Signs

Pets can get Heat Stroke, just like humans. You should keep an eye out for symptoms such as panting, increasing heartbeat, bloody stool, excessive drool, or dogs that are hot to the touch. If you’re trying to take a dog’s temperature, make sure you do it under the arm or in the groin area.

Leave plenty of water out for your dog all day and night in the summer. If you go for a hike on your vacation, be sure to let your dog rest in the shade and take a water break about every 20 minutes.

Dr Oz: Pedigree Dog Food Review

Wet food and dry food are OK for dogs. Wet foods have a higher water content. Pedigree Dog Food is fortified with fatty acids, B vitamins and zinc to keep pets healthy and give them a good balance of nutrition.

Be sure to keep your pets safe and happy year round, especially in the summer heat. They’re relying on you to take good care of them through the Dog Days of Summer.


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