Dr Oz: Does Heaven Exist? Proof of Heaven Review by Dr Eben Alexander


Dr Oz: Does Heaven Exist?

Dr Oz knows that his viewers love to get new ideas about weight loss, such as the Tony Horton 10 Minute Miracle Workout, and diet plans like the Dr Oz 3 Day Cleanse. But he’s also great about dedicating some of his time to metaphysical ideas and alternative medicine topics that can give viewers a different perspective. That’s where his next guest, Dr Eben Alexander, comes in. The topic of their discussion is does heaven exist, and one of them claims to have firsthand knowledge.

Dr Oz: Dr Eben Alexander Proof Of Heaven

When we picture heaven in pop culture, we think of clouds and angel wings. Though a large number of people say they believe in heaven, there are also many who do not believe. What happens when we die? It’s hard to imagine, but people like Dr Eben Alexander, who survived a brush with death, may have some insight into the conversation that others do not.


Dr Oz: Does Heaven Exist? Proof of Heaven Review by Dr Eben Alexander

Does heaven exist? A skeptical doctor said that a near death experience has changed his outlook on life and death, as described in the book Proof of Heaven.

Dr Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon, put his experiences on paper for the new book Proof of Heaven. Before this incident, Dr Alexander said he did not believe in an afterlife, but getting a glimpse of it may have changed his tune.

Dr Oz: Proof of Heaven Review

Dr Alexander had a rare type of bacterial meningitis of his brain, which put him in a coma. He believes that what happened to him next is miraculous, and he takes it as proof of the existence of heaven. He describes what he saw as puffy pink clouds. He floated on butterfly wings next to a woman he believed to be his guardian angel.


When he came out of the coma, he questioned what he had seen and experienced, because his medical training had taught him to be skeptical. But months later, he learned about his family history and discovered that he had been adopted.

He learned of other biological siblings he never knew he had, including a sister named Betsy who died years earlier. When Dr Eben Alexander saw her picture, he realized it was the face from his vision of an angel. I’ll admit that is a little intriguing. Do you believe it?

Dr Oz: Heaven Debate

Doctor Oz said that he has heard many similar stories from patients through the years, but he remains skeptical of their claims. He wonders if, despite the vivid descriptions and details, the entire event was an illusion.

Dr Alexander said he doesn’t think this would have happened to him if he had not experienced meningitis. His odds of surviving the condition were approximately 10%, and his brain was not functioning normally, which he said allowed him to experience this.

As a result, Dr Eben Alexander said his perspective on death has changed. He believes it is a transition, as opposed to an ending, and that the consciousness survives physical death. What do you believe?


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