Dr Oz: Is Your Doctor Heart Smart? + Preventing Heart Disease


Dr Oz: How Heart Smart Is Your Doctor?

Dr Oz shared that February is heart month, and he wanted to make sure that your doctor is “taking care of your ticker.” He shared that he polled his audience to find out whether their doctors were asking the right questions and doing the right things to keep them safe from heart disease.

Dr Oz: Taking Blood Pressure In Both Arms

aDr Oz: Is Your Doctor Heart Smart? + Preventing Heart Disease

Dr Oz shared questions you should ask to make sure your doctor is doing what he or she can to prevent heart disease. (Oberon_sk / Shutterstock.com)


Question number one was whether your doctor takes your blood pressure in both arms, and only 16% said their doctor does. Dr Oz said there’s a benefit to it, because if you look at the two arms together you can see if there’s any blockage between the two arms. He said they’re taught in medical school to, at least once, check it in both arms.

Dr Oz said if you feel rushed your blood pressure will go up anyway, and naturally your blood pressure can rise during a doctor’s appointment. Dr Oz suggested asking to have your blood pressure taken after sitting down for five minutes. He said you don’t want your blood pressure to be taken when it’s falsely high, resulting in treatment when you don’t really need it.

Dr Oz: Blood Glucose Test

Next, Dr Oz wanted to know if his viewers’ doctors did a blood-glucose test and 59% said yes. One woman shared that her doctor doesn’t check her glucose. Dr Oz explained that it’s important to check for diabetes, and if you do have diabetes, it’s a very important risk factor for heart disease. Dr Oz shared that most groups will say you should have your blood sugar checked once every three years.


Dr Oz: Hours Spent Sitting Per Day

Dr Oz then shared that your doctor should ask you how many hours per day you spend sitting. When he asked his audience this, 20% said yes, which was shocking. Dr Oz explained that if you’re sitting, it’s a dramatic change in how your body thinks about the world. He said four or more hours of sitting a day can significantly increase your risk of heart disease. He said it’s probably about as important as getting 20 minutes of exercise per day.

He then had everyone stand up, saying that every two hours you should get up and walk around for at least five minutes.

Dr Oz: Love Facts

Dr Oz then shared some “heartwarming facts about love,” starting by sharing that penguins are monogamous, as well as swans, wolves, ducks, and mountain lions. He then shared a picture of a happy couple, sharing that they were actually the voices of Mickey and Minnie Mouse and were married in real life.

He then shared that when two people are in love, their heart rates can sync up. Also, if you look at someone you love, your pupils will dilate up. Finally, on average you’ll spend 20,160 minutes of your life kissing.


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