Dr Oz: DIY Mold Testing Kits & Petri Dish Swab vs ERMI Test


Dr Oz: DIY Mold Kits For At-Home Testing

There are at-home mold testing kits available for purchase, but Dr Oz first wanted to test them out to see if they were really worth it. Dr Oz kicked things off with Lisa Beres, one half of the health home expert team. With Lisa, Dr Oz took a closer look at DIY mold testing kits that use the Petri dish method. They can be bought online or in a home improvement store and they’re relatively easy to use. It involves putting a petri dish in your home to see if it collects mold. You leave the dish out for an hour and then cover it for 48 hours to see if mold grows. They’re inexpensive at just $7-10, but the lack of samples and visual inspection could be a problem.

When tested, no mold showed up in the dish even in an area that had visible mold. The concern is that they can create false positives or false negatives. There is an option to send the samples to a lab for an additional fee, but that can take a couple weeks to get back and the results are limited. Essentially, those DIY mold kits likely aren’t worth it.



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