Dr Oz: Dirtiest Items in a Hotel Room & Are Hotel Reviews Accurate?


Dr Oz: Anthony Melchiorri Hotel Impossible

Anthony Melchiorri, host of the Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible, has seen some dirty hotels that may make you think twice about spending another night in a hotel again. He told Dr. Oz there are a a lot of things that happen in hotel beds which means you can find a lot of unlikely things in the bed when you check in. He said he has found food, hair, urine and other bodily fluids while checking hotel rooms and it grosses him out. He said the strangest thing he ever found was a two inch rusty nail that he still has no idea where it came from.

Dr Oz: Throw Pillows the Dirtiest Item In a Hotel Room

Dr Oz: Dirtiest Items in a Hotel Room & Are Hotel Reviews Accurate?

Dr. Oz talked with Anthony Melchiorri about the dirtiest items in a hotel room, why the carpet is so dirty and how to handle a complaint at a hotel.


Anthony Melchiorri said he has found cleanliness issues in every hotel he has visited, from New York to California. He told Dr. Oz he thinks it is the fault of the management, not the employees, because the managers are not giving the employees the right tools to get their job done. Below are some of the most common areas in a hotel room where cleanliness problems are the worst.

Carpet – Melchiorri said hotel carpets are usually vacuumed but they are rarely shampooed, which can be a big problem because a lot of things can happen on the floor.

Glass – Melchiorri said he prefers using a plastic cup wrapped in plastic over glassware in a hotel, even at five star hotels, because the glasses are often not sent to the kitchen to be washed but are instead washed by a housekeeper who could have just been cleaning the toilet.


Remote Control – This is the dirtiest item in the room, according to Melchiorri. He said remote controls can end up all over the room and you never know what is on them. He said he has been seeing some hotels put plastic cases over the remote or in a small box that says “cleaned for your protection.” But is it really cleaned?

Throw Pillows – Melchiorri said throw pillows are his least favorite item in a hotel room because they are often thrown on the floor and then placed on the bed pillow by the housekeeper thus contaminating the pillow you use at night to sleep on. Ideally, Melchiorri said he prefers a room with no throw pillows.

Dr Oz: How To Respectfully Complain At a Hotel

Melchiorri told Dr. Oz the most important thing to remember when complaining about a problem at a hotel is to be respectful of the person you are talking with. He said a lot can go wrong at a hotel so the best course of action is bringing the complaint right to the supervisor or manager on duty. He reminded everyone these managers are in the business of hospitality and they want to make you happy.

What if they don’t handle the complaint? Melchiorri said you should go to their social media pages and express your feelings while at the same time warning future guests of the hotel.

Dr Oz: 95 Percent Of Hotel Reviews Are Accurate

Melchiorri told Dr. Oz that he has found about 90 to 95 percent of online hotel review sites to be accurate. The key is to look for descriptive words that are specific to a person’s stay and not reviews with very generic terms.


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