Dr Oz: Dental Hygienist Detects Sleep Apnea & Symptoms of an Ulcer


Dr Oz: Hairdresser Finds Baseball-Sized Tumor On Client’s Scalp

There are people you run into every day who could save your life and you probably don’t even know it. Keep reading to find out who these unlikely health detectives are and how they can help you stay healthy.

Dr. Keri Peterson said there are a lot of unlikely health detectives in your life and none of the following are doctors. The first unlikely health detective is your hairdresser. Dr. Peterson said your hairdresser will sometimes examine your head for skin irritations and moles because they know it can be hard to examine on your own.


One woman in the audience said her hair stylist was looking at her scalp before giving her a haircut and she found something that didn’t look right. She suggested the woman see a doctor, which she did, only to find out she had a baseball-sized tumor growing inside her scalp. Her hairdresser literally saved her life.

Dr Oz: Dental Hygienist Detects Sleep Apnea & Symptoms of an Ulcer

Dr. Oz looked at how some unlikely health detectives, like a hairdresser and a dental hygienist, could save your life by detecting cancer and sleep apnea.

Dr Oz: Dental Hygienists Discover Sleep Apnea

Dr. Peterson said the next health detective you run into often is your dental hygienist because they have the ability to tell you if you have sleep apnea. They might notice you have an enlarged tongue and they are able to see where your tongue goes when you are falling asleep. If they see your tongue slipping back into your throat, it could be the reason for your sleep apnea.


Jane Perrina, a dental hygienist, added that dental hygienists often examine their patients for health issues like acid reflux, thyroid conditions or excessive dry mouth, which is a sign of diabetes.

Dr Oz: Optometrists’ Eye Exam Finds High Cholesterol

Dr. Peterson said the next health investigator is your optometrist because they have the expertise to discover if you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. She said they are able to do this because these conditions will cause changes in your eyes which can only be seen with powerful equipment used by an optometrist.

Optometrist Deeba Chaudri explained she can see areas of bruising in a patient’s blood vessels during an eye exam, which can lead to serious health concerns, even stroke. She said optometrists are also able to see plaque in the arteries of the eyes, which is a direct correlation to the blood vessels in your heart and could be a sign of high cholesterol.

Dr Oz: Pets Pass Ringworm To 60 Percent Of Owners

Dr. Peterson’s next health detective might be the most surprising one yet. Did you know your pet’s veterinarian could help you with your health problems? They are great health detectives because they can identify ringworm on your body.

Veterinarian Danielle Rawlins said when an owner brings in a pet with ringworm, 60 percent of the time the owner also has ringworm. She said she often asks the owner if they have any ringworm symptoms, like rashes and skin abnormalities, and if they do she sends them to a doctor.

Dr Oz: Symptoms Of An Ulcer

Dr. Peterson said your garbage collector can also be a surprise health investigator because they are able to tell if you have an ulcer just by looking through your trash. She said taking too much antacid could mean your are self-medicating an ulcer and don’t even know it. She added there are several other symptoms of ulcers that you should be aware of. If any of the symptoms below have lasted for an extended period of time it is important to see your doctor:

  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Loss of appetite


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