Dr Oz: Deja Vu Related to Stress & Ways to Stop Deja Vu from Happening


Dr Oz: What Is Deja Vu?

Dr. Oz already looked at what could be happening in the afterlife and how a near death experience works, and now he is looking at new research that says everyone should pay attention to their deja vu.

Dr. Oz said deja vu could be telling you something about your health and you need to listen. Don’t be afraid of the uncanny and unnerving feeling either. Dr. Susan Bartell said about two thirds of people have reported having deja vu at one point in their life and recent studies have linked deja vu to stress.


Dr Oz: Deja Vu Related to Stress & Ways to Stop Deja Vu from Happening

Dr. Oz found out deja vu has been linked to stress and he talked with one expert about the best ways to stop deja vu from happening.

Deja Vu Related To Stress, Not Paranormal Activity

While many doctors thought paranormal activities were the culprit behind deja vu, Dr. Bartell said stress has been shown to be the common factor. She said it is related to deep, repressed memories and the deja vu happens when you are in an unfamiliar situation. It helps you cope with the new situation you are in by making you feel as if you have already been there before.

Dr. Bartell said it is nothing to be afraid of. It is just part of being human. However, if you are having deja vu frequently then you might want to get yourself checked out by a doctor because something strange could be happening neurologically.


Anything Can Elicit Deja Vu

Dr. Oz demonstrated how almost anything can trigger deja vu. He showed a picture of a barn with a tire swing off to the side and then another picture of a different house with a tire swing in the yard. He explained when your brain sees two similar objects it will immediately relate the two. This is exactly what happens when you have deja vu.

How To Stop Deja Vu

Dr. Bartell said there are a few things you can do to stop having deja vu as often:

  • Start journaling – Since deja vu is triggered by repressed memories, this could help you sort through your memories.
  • Analyze dreams – Dreams are in your subconscious just like deja vu. This may help you make a correlation between your dreams and deja vu. Bartell said sometimes this will even reveal something your body is trying to tell you.
  • Look for recurring patterns – Bartell said similarities in all the deja vu could help you identify the reason you are having them.


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