Dr Oz Deepak Chopra 21-Day Meditation Cleanse Helps Regrow Brain Cells


Dr Oz: 21-Day Meditation Detox Cleanse

Do you know what namaste means? Deepak Chopra told Dr. Oz namaste means he honors the divine in others, which is the divine in him, and is also the basis of what he does to help others reduce their stress through meditation. Deepak Chopra said if you do anything for 21 days, not just meditation, it changes the hard wiring in the brain and causes the action to become a habit in your life.

Chopra told Dr. Oz about his 21-Day Meditation Detox Cleanse because everyone is stressed to some degree, adding that he believes stress has reached an epidemic level in our society.


Deepak Chopra Bad Habits Early In Life

Dr Oz Deepak Chopra 21-Day Meditation Cleanse Helps Regrow Brain Cells

Deepak Chopra explained how his 21-day Medication Detox Cleanse can help Dr. Oz’s audience become less stressed and more in tune with their spirituality.

Deepak Chopra revealed he used to have some pretty bad habits which included smoking, drinking and eating the Standard American Diet (SAD). He was a stressed internist around this time in his life and he was working with patients at a hospital’s intensive care unit who were dying. He realized he couldn’t continue to help his patients if he was not going to take care of himself. He said it was after this revelation he decided to start meditating.

Meditation Helps Regrow Brain Cells

While meditation is a common practice in India,where Deepak Chopra is from, Dr. Oz said many people in the US do not understand meditation and consider it some kind of bogus health practice.


Deepak Chopra explained to the audience that meditation is simply the practice of quieting the mind. When you quiet the mind, you in turn quiet the body and give it a chance to heal and repair itself.

Dr. Oz pointed out that meditation can help de-stress a person but it can also cause your brain cells to regrow, one benefits everyone can appreciate.

Reduce Stress Through Meditation

Deepak Chopra taught Dr. Oz and his audience one mediation that works in four ways to reduce stress hormones. He said it takes about three weeks to reduce the stress but it will be worth it.

Meditation Helps You Become “Right Person:” Deepak Chopra explained how meditation can help you become the “right” person instead of searching for the “right” person. He said meditation will also bring you to a place of loving yourself so others can love you back.

Meditation Nourishes Your Mind: Meditation provides you with the knowledge to accomplish your goals.

Meditation Nourishes Your Spirit: Deepak Chopra said our spirit knows more about the meaning of life than we do, meaning meditation is the best way to go right to the source to figure out the best way to nourish your spirit.


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