Dr Oz: Debi Mazar On Dealing With Lice + DIY Face Mask


Dr Oz: Debi Mazar “Younger”

Dr Oz shared that you possibly know Debi Mazar from Entourage or Goodfellas, but what you may not know is that she’s also a talented stylist who worked with Madonna, has a cooking show, and is a mom of two. Dr oz welcomed Debi to the show.

Debi shared that she’s a person who likes to have a full life. She and her husband had a blog together that turned into a TV show and a cookbook. She’s also now starring in the show called Younger.


Dr Oz: How To Cook & Use Farro

Dr Oz: Debi Mazar On Dealing With Lice + DIY Face Mask

Dr Oz talked to Debi Mazar about her household tips, such as cooking with Farro. (joelrogness / flickr)

Debi shared that she’s aged up, because back in the day she wanted to feel relevant and grown up. She also used to lie on her resume, but said you can’t do that anymore because of the Internet. Dr Oz shared that Debi came up with some easy healthy solutions for when you have no time.

Debi explained that she likes to promote farro, which is like a rice but has a nutty flavor. She makes it in 30-40 minutes, dresses it with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and uses it as either a soup or a side dish. She also tossed farro into a salad.


Dr Oz: Debi Mazar, Dealing With Lice

Next, Dr Oz spoke to those who have no time to deal with lice. Debi explained that her kids are in public school so she hired a nit-picker, whose job is to pick out nits and lice from your hair. She explained that you want to drown the lice in oil and comb them out using special combs. Debi also shared that she heard lice don’t like garlic, so she likes to use garlic extract around the hair line. Debi said the smell goes away, which is a good thing.

If there is a lice outbreak at school, it’s also good to keep your daughters’ hair pulled back into a braid, according to Debi.

Dr Oz: DIY Face Mask

Lastly, if you have no time for wrinkles, Debi likes to combine an overripe avocado, fresh lemon juice, and ground coffee beans, to create a face mask. Dr Oz shared a picture of Debi with the mask on her face, and then Debi put some of the mixture on Dr Oz so he could feel how great the exfoliating coffee grounds felt.

Debi said she likes to put the mask on, and then sit in the bathtub with a glass of wine to let it all soak in.


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