Dr Oz: De-Clutter & Organize Your Home To Reduce Stress


Dr Oz: De-Clutter & De-Stress

Dr Oz shared actual photos of his viewers’ homes and their clutter, explaining that the mess can cause everything from anxiety to weight gain and fatigue. Dr Oz started with Carol, whose picture of her overflowing closet showed that she has a lot of things. Carol said the clutter raises her stress to about an eight on a scale to 10.

Dr Oz: De-Clutter & Organize Your Home To Reduce Stress

Dr Oz and Peter Walsh shared tips for de-cluttering and organizing your home to reduce your level of stress and improve your health. (luanateutzi / Shutterstock.com)


Dr Oz welcomed author and professional organizer Peter Walsh to the show. Peter said if your home is cluttered, there’s both physical and emotional stress. He said 77% of people who are super cluttered also struggle with being obese or overweight.

Dr Oz: De-Clutter Your Closet

Dr Oz wanted to start by sharing how you can de-clutter your closet. Peter said if you open your closet and stuff is everywhere and you can’t find anything to wear, that’s not the right way to start your day. He suggested getting rid of anything you no longer use, love, or wear. Also, arrange things in categories, either by similarity or by season.

So what do you do about the things you tell yourself you may wear someday? Peter suggested taking everything in your closet and hanging it the opposite way. Every time you wear an article of clothing, hang it the right way. At the end of six months, anything still hanging back to front, you’re never going to wear, so you can get rid of those.


Dr Oz: Organize Your Junk Drawer

Dr Oz then talked to Nancy, who has a lot of junk drawers in her home. Peter said the big thing about junk drawers is changing your mindset. He said you don’t have a junk drawer, you have a utility drawer.

He suggested taking everything out of the drawer and putting it on the counter. He said to divide the things into three piles: trash, things that belong somewhere else, and stuff that you need in the utility drawer.

Peter then suggested you create a free money drawer because in every home, he finds coupons and gift cards in those junk drawers that can be worth hundreds of dollars. He said to put all those coupons and gift cards in that drawer.

Dr Oz: Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

As for your medicine cabinet, Peter said to use a magnetic strip inside the medicine cabinet to store metal objects like tweezers or fingernail clippers.

Dr Oz: Kitchen De-Cluttering Tip

To de-clutter your kitchen, Peter suggested the one-month cardboard box test. He said to take everything out of the drawer and put it into a cardboard box. Every time you use an item, put it back into the drawer after you wash it, and then at the end of the month, whatever you don’t use can be thrown out or donated.

Peter Walsh is the author of Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight.


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