Dr Oz: Dark Circles Under Eyes Sign of Kidney Problems & Jing vs Chi


Dr Oz: Face Reading Determines Heart Health

Dr. Oz talked with Lillian Pearl Bridges and Dr. David A. Friedman about how the Chinese medicine practice of face reading is able to determine if something is wrong with the heart, the lungs or whether a woman is pregnant. Who would have thought the tip of your nose can tell you what is happening inside your body?

Dr Oz: Earlobe Crease Sign Of Heart Disease

Bridges, a face reading expert, said the crease in a person’s earlobe can offer strong clues about the health of our internal organs. Having a crease in your earlobe is pretty common but it could be a sign of variable blood pressure and a warning of developing heart disease.


Dr. David A. Friedman, a cardiologist, uses Chinese medicine in his practice and agreed with Bridges. He usually gets concerned about heart disease in his patients if he looks for the crease in someone’s earlobe and it is there or if someone tells him they have only recently started to notice the crease, which means it is becoming more pronounced and the heart disease could be progressing.

Dr Oz: Fatty Eyelids Sign Of Cholesterol Buildup

Dr Oz: Dark Circles Under Eyes Sign of Kidney Problems & Jing vs Chi

Dr. Oz learned dark circles under the eyes could mean kidney problems, fatty eyelids mean cholesterol buildup and earlobe creases are a sign of heart disease.

The eyelids were the next part of the face Bridges was looking at and she said if you ever see any fatty areas on the eyelid it is a sign of floating cholesterol in the body. This means your liver and gall bladder are not processing the cholesterol properly and instead of sending it to the brain, the cholesterol is left floating around the body where it could end up as plaque in the arteries.


This was one face reading sign Dr. Oz agreed with because he said it is a sign cholesterol is built up in the body, which could cause problems for the heart.

Dr Oz: Dark Circles Under the Eyes Sign Of Failing Kidneys

Dark circles under the eyes are pretty common and usually signify a lack of sleep, but Bridges said sunken eye sockets should make anyone concerned because they can be a sign of something wrong with the kidneys. Kidneys are important to longevity in life, especially in Chinese medicine said Bridges, so they need to be taken care of.

Dr Oz: What Is Jing?

Bridges went on to explain how Jing is at the core of your kidney health, even noting Jing is more important than Chi, because Jing is the energy you carry around in your body. If you are not well hydrated or taking care of your health, your kidneys will begin to suffer and you will feel depleted of your Jing which the Chinese believe is essential to living a long, healthy life.

Dr Oz: Face Mapping Results

Even after Bridges explained how face reading worked, Dr. Oz wanted her to put it to the test on his show, so he invited two audience members on the stage to experience face mapping firsthand. Both of the women told Dr. Oz their health issues before the show but neither had met Bridges before.

Just by looking at the clues on both women’s faces, Bridges was able to correctly identify the health issues the women revealed to Dr. Oz.


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