Dr Oz: Dangers of Silver Fillings & Mercury Vapors Poison the Brain


Dr Oz: Metal Fillings Could Be Making You Sick

If you have a mouthful of metal fillings, this is one Dr. Oz episode you are going to want to watch. According to Dr. Oz, your metal fillings could be making you sick and you probably wouldn’t even know it. He said it is due to the fact amalgam fillings contain a high amount of mercury which is harmful to your health.

Dr Oz: Silver Fillings Contain Harmful Mercury

The American Dental Association insists that silver fillings are safe but more and more dentists are no longer using them because of the potential risk they pose due to the high amount of mercury in the filling. Dr. Gerald Curtola, a dentist, said no one knows the amount of mercury needed in a filling to make it dangerous which is why he wants more research to be done on the matter. He said regardless if you have one filling or several fillings, mercury vapors are being released and putting your health at risk.


Dr Oz: Dangers of Silver Fillings & Mercury Vapors Poison the Brain

Dr. Oz went over the dangers of silver fillings, talked about the dangerous metal mercury and went over the symptoms for mercury poisoning.

Dr Oz: Symptoms Of Mercury Poisoning

Dr. Curatola told Dr. Oz mercury is one of the most dangerous and toxic compounds for our central nervous system. He said mercury can suppress the immune system which in turn can lead to memory loss, fatigue, migraines and skin problems. It can be as easy as chewing, grinding your teeth or even drinking soda to get the mercury vapors to release into your mouth.

The symptoms of mercury poisoning are listed below:

  • Tremors
  • Memory loss
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Problems with motor coordination

Dr Oz: 47 Percent Of Dentists Still Use Amalgam Fillings

Dr. Oz was curious why dentists still used metal fillings with mercury when there a lot of alternatives a dentist can use that can lower the risk for a patient and for the dentist as well. Dr. Gerald Curatola said around 47 percent of dentists are still using amalgam fillings for cavities. Many of these dentists are still using the filling because it is cheap, easy to work with and they last in the mouth for a very long time.

Dr Oz: European Countries Ban Silver Fillings

Dr. Jonathan Levine, a dentist who also sits on Dr. Oz’s medical advisory board, said he hasn’t used silver fillings for the past 15 years but he also doesn’t think there is enough evidence to show that silver fillings pose any type of harm. The reason he made the switch is because there are better options to use instead of silver fillings.

Dr. Oz shared with the audience that several countries in Europe have banned amalgam fillings because of the harm they pose to patients. Dr. Levine said they banned them because there is concern that removing the silver fillings could contaminate the water supply.

Dr Oz: Dangerous Mercury Vapors Released After Brushing Your Teeth

To share how mercury can be released so easily, Dr. Oz did a demonstration for the audience. With the help of a special device that can detect the otherwise invisible vapors of mercury, Dr. Oz showed how much toxic fumes are released into you body when your brush your teeth. The device started at zero but when Dr. Oz reached in the container and brushed the fillings, the number jumped to 61 right away. Dr. Oz explained that anything above zero is considered toxic, meaning 61 is a really scary number.


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