Dr Oz: Cumin Chews Cure Indigestion & Orange Peels Whiten Teeth


Dr Oz: Treating Pain Without Medication

Dr. Oz has been talking with 50 of the most eligible doctors in America and they have been giving out their best secrets for reducing stress, sleeping better at night and improving the appearance of your skin. Next, they are talking about the best ways to treat pain without any type of medication.

Dr Oz: Avocado Soybean Unsaponifiable For Pain Relief

Do you ever wonder if the medication a doctor prescribed you is something he or she would take? Have you ever wondered what Dr. Oz might reach for when he is having aches and pains? Would he grab some medication or would he use some type of all natural relief? Well, Dr. Oz and some of the most eligible doctors in America had some great advice about what they would do if they were feeling some pain.


Dr. Ednan Sheikh recommended a product called A.S.U., or Avocado Soybean Unsaponifiable, to treat your pain without the use of medication. He explained A.S.U is an extract made from avocados and soybeans, making it a great all-natural way to reduce inflammation associated with pain.

Dr Oz: Cumin Chews Cure Indigestion & Orange Peels Whiten Teeth

Dr. Oz talked with 50 eligible doctors about how cumin chews cure indigestion, how to whiten teeth and how Concord grape juice strengthens the immune system.

Dr Oz: Black Salt and Cumin Chews Cure Indigestion

Dr. Raja Taunk is a gastroenterologist in New York City and he has a great remedy to treat indigestion. He told Dr. Oz there are several prescription options he could prescribe to a patient but he often recommends the patient take some black salt or cumin chews as a natural remedy to soothe the belly. He said his parents have been using this remedy for a long time and it allows them to eat literally anything without any problems.


Dr Oz: Orange Peel Whitens Teeth Naturally

Dr. Oz’s next guest was an eligible doctor from Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Christopher Heck is a dentist and he said the best way to whiten your teeth without having to buy any type of expensive product is by taking the peel of an orange and rubbing the white inside part of the orange on your teeth.

Dr Oz: Concord Grape Juice Strengthens Immune System

Dr. Sudip Bose came all the way from Chicago, Illinois to share his secret to strengthen your immune system. He told Dr. Oz he suggests drinking Concord grape juice because it actually increases the number of T-cells in your body. When you have more T-cells, you give your immune system the boost it needs to keep you from getting sick. Dr. Bose suggested drinking one and half cups of Concord grape juice every day for a stronger immune system.


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