Dr Oz: Consumer Reports Relaxation Drink & Relaxation Drink Safety


Dr Oz: Relaxation Drinks Lower Blood Pressure

Dr. Oz just found out about relaxation drinks and he put them to the test on his show with some amazing results. He found they really do work to lower stress and lower blood pressure. He also looked at some of the most common ingredients in relaxation drinks to make sure they are healthy to consume.

Dr Oz: Consumer Reports Finds Three Relaxation Drinks With Ingredient Amounts

Jamie Kopf of Consumer Reports said all relaxation drinks are not made the same. Consumer Reports performed a study to find out which relaxation drinks really work and which do not. Since the drinks are not regulated by the FDA, they are not required to list the specific amounts of each ingredient labeled, meaning no consumer knows how much of each ingredient they are actually consuming.


Dr Oz: Consumer Reports Relaxation Drink & Relaxation Drink Safety

Dr. Oz talked with Consumer Reports about the safety of relaxation drinks, the best relaxation drinks and his guidelines for purchasing relaxation drinks.

The Consumer Reports study looked at eight of the most popular relaxation drinks and found all of the drinks to contain a combination of ingredients on the label that claim to calm you down. But only three of the drinks listed the specific amounts of each ingredient on the label.

Dr Oz: Relaxation Drinks With Low Calories and Sugar

Dr. Oz asked Jamie Kopf to share which relaxation drinks Consumer Reports found to work the best. She said there are a lot of factors when choosing a relaxation drink and one of the factors is the amount of sugar and the calories. The two drinks listed below were the relaxation drinks found to have the lowest of each.

  • VIB (Vacation in a Bottle)
  • Just Chill

Dr Oz: Relaxation Drinks Deemed Safe By Consumer Reports

Jamie Kopf told Dr. Oz safety does not appear to be an issue with relaxation drinks but she did point out that Consumer Reports only looked a small sampling of the relaxation drinks on the market. She cautioned everyone to be aware whenever they purchase one of the 300 different kinds on the market.

Dr Oz: Buying Guidelines For Relaxation Drinks

Dr. Tasneem Bhatia offered guidelines to follow when buying relaxation drinks. Since there are so many different kinds of relaxation drinks on the market, Dr. Bhatia said it can be difficult to chose the best kind. Below are her two recommendations when buying a relaxation drink.

  • Choose drinks that list the actual amount of each ingredient on the label
  • Check the serving size

Dr Oz Approves Of Drinking Relaxation Drinks

While Dr. Oz did say he thinks relaxation drinks are safe to consume, he did add that he would give similar suggestions to drinking relaxation drinks as he would for people drinking alcohol. He suggested drinking only one relaxation drink a day and never giving one to a child.


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