Dr Oz: Constipation Causes Stress on the Body & Can Stomachs Explode?


Dr Oz: Most Dangerous Food to Eat

Dr. Oz has been looking at some of the strangest health trends in America. He already revealed the Purple Food Diet is not good for your health and that a fecal transplant can stop digestion problems. Keep reading to find out what other wacky health trends he checks out next.

Can You Make Your Own Stomach Explode from Eating?

Dr. Oz said nothing is off limits during this show, so when a lady asked the question below he didn’t blink an eye.


Can your stomach actually explode from eating too much?

Dr Oz: Constipation Causes Stress on the Body & Can Stomachs Explode?

Dr. Oz revealed the stress from constipation may have killed Elvis, stomachs can not explode from eating and the most dangerous food to eat.

Mary Roach, author of Gulp, said it is pretty impossible to make your stomach explode. She explained when you become full from eating too much, your stomach tells your brain. If you ignore the warning and keep eating, your body will instinctively make you throw up.


If your stomach does feel like it is going to explode though, Roach suggested drinking some bubbly water to force yourself to burp.

Constipation Killed Elvis Presley

The next question came from a member of the audience who said she suffers from uncomfortable constipation and wanted to know if someone could die from it.

Roach explained that the constant strain of going to the bathroom can cause a lot of stress on the body. This is actually one of the reasons doctors think Elvis Presley died. He also had severe constipation and the stress it put on his body might have taken its toll.

Dr. Oz elaborated on the dangers of constipation saying you can actually double your blood pressure if you push too hard while trying to have a bowel movement.

Ways to Encourage Bowel Movements

Mary Roach had some advice for getting your bowels moving:

Squatting: This position is a natural way to encourage a bowel movement.

Magnesium: Magnesium is a great nutrient that helps stimulate bowel movements, according to Dr. Oz.

Inner Nostrils vs Outer Nostrils

Mary Roach said the key to a healthy gut starts with your mouth so Dr. Oz brought two audience members on the stage to play $500 Health Drop. All the contestants had to do was answer three health questions about the mouth correctly to win the $500. See how many of the answers you can get correct.

Which is the most dangerous food to eat?

  1. Hot Dogs
  2. Chewing Gum
  3. Chicken Wings

Hot dogs because they pose a choking hazard, especially with children.

Which bodily fluid has the same digestive enzymes that are found in laundry detergent?

  1. Stomach Acid
  2. Urine
  3. Saliva

Saliva contains an enzyme that breaks down starch, just like laundry detergent.

Which body part do you have not 1, but 2 sets of?

  1. Kidneys
  2. Nostrils
  3. Tonsils

Nostrils because you have internal nostrils along with the more visible outer nostrils.


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