Dr Oz: College Students Take Adderall Illegally & Adderall Addiction


Dr Oz: Adderall Abuse In America Worsens

Adderall abuse is killing kids in America at an alarming rate and Dr. Oz wanted every parent to know the facts about this potentially deadly drug. The drug that was once known to help kids with ADHD become more focused when doing different tasks, especially when it comes to homework and tests, is now being used by kids and teenagers who do not need the drug, causing it produce effects similar to “speed” when taken. And with the dangers or risk involved with buying illegal drugs gone, kids are becoming more and more aware of how easy it is to open up the medicine cabinet if they want to get high.

Dr Oz: Adderall Addiction Leads To Paranoia

Dr Oz: College Students Take Adderall Illegally & Adderall Addiction

Dr. Oz talked with a family torn apart by Adderall addiction, revealed one in four college students take Adderall and shared the side effects of taking Adderall illegally.


Parents Rick and Cathy said their son Richard was using Adderall to help him study when he was in college. They said Richard never was diagnosed with ADHD when he was a child, which meant he didn’t need to be taking Adderall, but doctors were still prescribing it to him.

As he took more and more of the drug, Rick and Cathy explained troubling behavior changes began to take place. Their son started to show signs of paranoia and he would even cut himself out of family pictures hung around the house. His parents became concerned with their son’s health so they took him to the doctor’s office where they demanded the Adderall prescription be stopped, but the doctors refused to talk with the parents because of doctor-patient confidentiality. Rick was heartbroken at the way he was treated. He even remembered telling the doctor “if you keep giving my son Adderall, you will kill him.”

A few months after visiting the doctor’s office, Richard had killed himself.


Dr Oz: Doctors Up Prescription For Adderall Addict

Cathy, whose son committed suicide while using Adderall, told Dr. Oz they felt helpless as they tried to get their son better. They tried to have their son admitted to a psychiatric facility but no beds were available. They were told to take Richard to the emergency room and have him evaluated instead. Unfortunately, the evaluation was a disaster. Not only did Rick and Cathy not get help for their son, he actually left with another prescription for Adderall.

Dr Oz: One In Four College Students Take Adderall

Dr. Oz did a lot of research for this show and he told the audience he was stunned at what he learned. He found out nearly one in four college students uses Adderall to help them study. What surprised him more is the ease at which college students are getting Adderall. He talked with his own children, ages 17 and 21, and they told Dr. Oz it is very easy to get and many of their classmates use it on a regular basis.

Dr Oz: Kids Fake ADHD Symptoms To Get Adderall Prescription

Reporter Alan Schwarz researched Adderall abuse at great length and found many doctors who were prescribing the drug to many young adults who didn’t need it. He found many kids will work the system and pretend they have symptoms for ADHD in order to get a prescription. He said he found many kids walking into the doctor’s office, faking their way through the evaluation and leaving with an Adderall prescription.

Dr Oz: Adderall Prescribing Guidelines

Rick, whose family was torn apart after Adderall addition pushed his son to suicide, believes there need to be more strict protocols in place for doctors to follow before they ever prescribe Adderall to anyone.  He told Dr. Oz there is an epidemic on college campuses and in our high schools and it is killing our kids. Rick also pointed out he can see the benefits of Adderall in helping those who need it, but he did not want more children to abuse the drug just because it is easy to get.


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