Dr Oz: Is It a Cold or Asthma? Symptoms + Avoid Asthma Triggers


Dr Oz: Is It a Cold or Asthma?

How deeply can you breathe? Dr Oz said that he wanted people to know the difference between a cold and asthma, but to do that, he needed to find an Assistant of the Day.

Jenelle was very excited to be chosen as an assistant, and she said that she does get a cold about once a year. She does not have a history of Asthma in her family, but she has a friend who wheezes when Asthma flares up.


Dr Oz: Cold Vs Asthma Symptoms

Dr Oz: Is It a Cold or Asthma? Symptoms + Avoid Asthma Triggers

Is it a cold or asthma? Though the symptoms can be similar, Dr Oz explained what is happening on the inside and how to avoid triggers in the first place.

It helps to know the symptoms of a Cold compared to those of Asthma. Here’s how you can break down the basics:

  • Cold: Scratchy/Sore Throat, Slight Fever, Sneezing, Watery Eyes
  • Asthma: Sneezing, Watery Eyes, Wheezing

There is some overlap, so this can be confusing. Janelle was very happy to learn about anatomy with Dr Oz, and he borrowed a plasticized lung from the Bodies exhibit. Part of the lung has tissue, and another part has tubes that can be associated with a sore throat.


Dr Oz: Asthma Traps Air and Mucus

Asthma takes place deep inside the lungs, and it can look like small branches growing inside the lungs. The biggest issue for Asthma patients is that they cannot breathe out once air gets trapped inside these small branches.

Jenelle participated in a demonstration to show how breathing problems can be triggered. The bronchus can fill with fluids, trapping mucus and making you uncomfortable. This also can cause muscle spasms. A reaction can last for minutes or days.

An inhaler will stop the muscle spasm and help to break down the suffocating mucus. Do you have a better understanding of Asthma than you did before?

Dr Oz: Jump On Symptoms & Avoid Asthma Triggers

Carpets, bedding, cigarette smoke, and cold weather are just a few of the triggers that can set off an Asthma attack. Try removing carpets and keeping bedding clean and protected.

Dr Oz also said that caffeine can be medicinal in this case. His final tip for Asthma sufferers is to cover your face when you go outside in cold weather during winter.


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