Dr Oz: Clutter & Stress, Declutter To Relieve Stress, Feel Better


Dr Oz: De-Clutter 40 Items In 40 Days

Dr Oz announced a plan to help his viewers throw out 40 things in 40 days, to help eliminate clutter and make more room for what’s truly important in life. Jeffrey Phillip is an organizing and design expert and Tia Brown is a life coach, and both can help you declutter. Jeffrey explained that clutter goes pretty deep psychologically, but on the surface you’re talking about feelings of happiness, success, and quality, because we’re constantly hit with marketing schemes that tell us if we buy more things we will have a better life and have a better lifestyle. Because of all the buying we’re doing, we’re not using what we already have. Too much accumulation and not even throwing out means an excess of unnecessary items.

The challenge is 40 days in particular because a month is always benchmarked, but 40 days takes you a little beyond that benchmark in order to push the positive movement forward. Hopefully, it encourages you to push the movement even further.



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