Dr Oz: Cleanest Toilet Stall, Public Sink Bacteria + Health Superbugs


Dr Oz: What Worrywarts Should Really Worry About

Most of the time when health headlines are in the news, they can be scary. But Dr Oz wanted to help you get the truth and know what you don’t have to stress about any longer. Are you overusing antibiotics? Which is the cleanest toilet stall in a public restroom?

Dr Oz: Should You Worry About Superbugs?

Superbugs are often in the news, due to antibiotic resistance as diseases evolve. Dr Oz said you should be worried about Superbugs, but you can deal with them. They can spread quickly and are often hard to treat.


However, they can be controlled. Audience member Jessica said she is nervous about germs, and she even travels with antibiotics so her family has them if they get sick. Dr Oz said sometimes antibiotics are not what makes you better, and you could be misusing them.

Dr Oz: Overusing Antibiotics

Dr Oz: Cleanest Toilet Stall, Public Sink Bacteria + Health Superbugs

How do you find the cleanest toilet stall in a public restroom? Dr Oz addressed common fears about bathrooms with information about germs and hygiene.

Overusing Antibiotics can be part of the problem. Dr Oz showed how a virus that infects you won’t respond to Antibiotic treatment. It can be hard to tell whether you have a bacterial infection or viral infection, but a virus will go away on its own.


Taking Antibiotics when you don’t need them can breed antibiotic-resistant bacteria. That can lead to bigger problems when you actually need medication but it will not work for your body. Good bacteria could be killed off while bad bacteria can become resistant. Sometimes this could wind you up in the hospital.

Dr Oz: Public Bathroom Germs

Are you worried about Public Toilets? Dr Oz said that questions about public bathrooms and health concerns are popular in Internet search results, from questions about transmitting disease through the seat or getting sick from using a porta-potty.

Many in the audience said they would not even sit down on a public toilet seat, crouching instead. One woman was worried about germs, and said that she tries to wait until she gets home.

Dr Oz: Public Sinks Bacteria

Dr Oz said that there has never been a single case of an STD transmitted through use of a public toilet. However, the bathroom concern you should know about is public sinks, which are much more likely to be infested with germs.

In bacterial testing, Dr Oz’s staff bathrooms had 12 times the germs on the toilet stall lock compared to the toilet seat, and the sink faucet had about 14 times the bacteria of the seat. Now we know this, we might all think twice about what we are touching in the restroom.

Dr Oz: Cleanest Toilet Stall

According to Dr Oz, the stall closest to the door of a restroom is probably cleaner than the middle stall or the stall furthest from the door. Experts say this is where you are likely to find the least bacteria and the most toilet paper.

Dr Oz: How Long To Wash Hands

How long should you wash your hands after using a public restroom? Wash your hand with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. Only about five percent of people do this, and 10% don’t wash their hands at all after using a public restroom.

Dr Oz’s final tip was to use a paper towel to turn off the sink and open the door to let yourself out of the restroom.


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