Dr Oz: Citrus Vinegar Wash, Sweaty Eggs & Shopping Cart Bleach Wipes


Dr Oz: Cringe-Worthy Truth About Your Supermarket

When you make a grocery list and find time to visit the store, the last thing on your mind might be whether the place is clean, but Dr Oz said that this should be a concern. Food investigator Peter DeLucia returned to the show with some advice about cleaning citrus, shopping cart covers, and meat worries.

Dr Oz: When To Use or Freeze Meat

Dr Oz: Citrus Vinegar Wash, Sweaty Eggs & Shopping Cart Bleach Wipes

Your supermarket can be a scary and dirty place, but Dr Oz shared solutions like the Citrus Vinegar Wash and Shopping Cart Bleach Wipes to protect you.


We use our eyes to check for meat that looks red and ready to eat, but Peter DeLucia said that just because it’s red on the outside doesn’t mean it’s good on the inside. Atmospheric Packaging is a process where carbon monoxide is pumped into the package to cause the food to retain its inviting color longer.

However, meat can start to culture pathogens as it gets old, meaning you could be taking home staph or salmonella without even knowing it until you open the package. Be sure to inspect your meat once you get it home for discoloration, odd smells, or even slime as red flags not to use it.

Also, DeLucia told Dr Oz to use or freeze meat three days before its printed expiration date, and be wary of manager’s specials, which could be an attempt to sell meat that is about to go bad.


Dr Oz: Lemon Lime Citrus Vinegar Wash

Lemons and limes are two of the most popular fruits, because citrus can be used in various forms for home cooking and garnishes. But did you know that lemons and limes are likely to be the most dirty produce items in the store?

Peter told Dr Oz that’s because they are handled countless times from picking to packaging, and you should be washing your citrus fruits thoroughly before you cut into them, or the knife can spread bacteria from the skin into the flesh of the fruit.

He said to wash your fruits in a solution of equal parts Water and White Vinegar, making sure to get in the nooks and crannies of the skin’s surface.

Dr Oz: Sweaty Eggs & Improper Supermarket Egg Storage?

Check your grocer’s refrigerated case the next time you are shopping for eggs. There should be a line marked that is called the Cold Line. This indicates the safe height for stacking eggs, so if you are picking a carton off the top that is above this line, it could contain Sweaty Eggs that have not been stored at the ideal temperature, which may not last as long and may not be as tasty as properly stored dairy.

Dr Oz: Shopping Cart Bleach Antibacterial Wipes & Cart Cover

Shopping carts could be almost seven times dirtier than a public toilet, according to Dr Oz’s research for this report. The handle and seat are two of the most disgusting places, and even stores are aware that this is a concern. Use the Antibacterial Wipes they provide at the front of the store, or bring your own to wipe down any commonly touched areas. Just make sure that the wipes you are using contain bleach to kill the unwanted guests lingering there.

Parents of young children should also be sure to travel with a Shopping Cart Cover on store trips to help protect young ones. Ensure that it gets laundered in warm water after each use!

Dr Oz: Peter DeLucia Three-Bag Rule

The last hot spot Peter DeLucia warned us about is the conveyor belt at the checkout, which could easily be cross-contaminated with other people’s groceries and germs. He suggested using the Three-Bag Rule and ensuring that you single- or double-bag the following items for extra protection:

  • Produce
  • Meat
  • Fresh Bread


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