Dr Oz Cholesterol: Glucomannan Review & Dark Meat Lowers Cholesterol


Glucomannan Supplement & Dark Chicken

Are you hoping to lower your cholesterol? Dr Oz’s guest, Dr William Li, has just the menu for you, with ideas, ingredients and supplements that can help you keep those numbers low. Check out the benefits of Mustard Greens, Pistachios, Glucomannan and more, as seen on Dr Oz.

Dr Oz Cholesterol: Mustard Greens

Dr Oz Cholesterol Lowering Glucomannan Review

Dr Oz explored the Glucomannan Supplement & foods to naturally lower Cholesterol.


Mustard Greens come from the plant that’s used to make the popular Dijon variety of mustard. They have ingredients such as Sulforaphane, which has benefits in preventing cancer, diabetes, and microbial bacteria.

The best way to get the benefits of these is by eating a cup of raw greens or 1/2 cup of cooked greens daily. This can help you bring down your Cholesterol numbers by 15%.

Dark Meat Chicken & Cholesterol

White meat is often believed to be better for you, but is that really true? Dr Li noted that Dark Meat chicken is the heart healthy option, and it lowers your risk of heart attack, as well as helping keep your Cholesterol numbers in line. For best results, add 4 ounces of Dark Meat Chicken to your daily routine.


Dr Oz Cholesterol: Persimmon

Persimmon is a sweet fruit that might be mistaken for a Tomato in the produce section. But there’s no mistaking this ingredient’s health benefits. It lowers the risk for Atherosclerosis by 20%. Just adding one to your daily routine can have a huge impact.

Just be sure to rinse it off and peel it like an orange before eating it; throw the skin away. As a bonus, this fruit is a natural belly fat fighter.

Dr Oz Cholesterol: Pistachios

Pistachios are a great snack, and Dr Oz called them one of his favorites. They’re rich in Lutein, an antioxidant. You can lower your Cholesterol by about 11%, just by snacking on 1/3 cup of Pistachios each day.

Dr Oz Cholesterol: Glucomannan

If you’re still looking for ways to manage your Cholesterol numbers, try adding 3 grams of a Glucomannan supplement to your daily routine. This has been shown to bring Cholesterol down by as much as 20%.


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