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Dr Oz & Dr Joe Mercola

When Dr Oz and his guest from this episode get together, it always gets people talking. That’s because alternative medicine advocate Dr Joe Mercola can be a controversial figure in the medical community. In another recent show, he explained Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Doctor and listed some Medicines Never To Take. In this visit, Dr Mercola wanted to share some alleged miracle cures that haven’t gotten him many new fans in the medical establishment, such as BEC 5 Curaderm Cream (an Eggplant Cream to fight cancer) and Chlorella Green Mineral Algae. See what the doctors discussed and decide what to think for yourself.

Dr Joe Mercola: Quack or Miracle Man?

Eggplant Cream: Dr Oz & Dr Joe Mercola

Dr Oz's guest, Dr Joe Mercola, said that an Eggplant Cream could help cure Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer.


Many doctors find that osteopath Joe Mercola’s radical approaches and treatments are irresponsible. He’s been called a quack and even questioned by the FDA. However, when you talk to his patients, they tend to sing his praises. When he says that a fruit could be the key to curing cancer, I can understand how people might be skeptical.

But Dr Oz seems to love engaging with Joe Mercola and learning about innovative health approaches that most doctors have never even heard about. Here are the so-called cures from this show.

BEC 5 Curaderm Cream Review

Dr Joe Mercola’s first big announcement was that he believes non-melanoma cancers could be cured with Eggplant. He said that more than 100,000 patients have responded to treatment involving Eggplant for their non-melanoma cancers.


The catch is that you can’t just add Eggplant to your salad or as a dinner side. You want to find BEC 5 Curaderm Cream, which is available online or through health food stores.

Dr Oz compared before and after pictures of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer. One patient’s Skin Cancer seemed to have disappeared after about three months of this treatment. Dr Mercola said this treatment has yet to take hold in the US because of the cost associated with medical trials and research.

Eggplant Cream Review

Before the show, Dr Oz consulted with multiple dermatologists to get their perspectives. None of them said they had heard of this treatment approach. Some expressed concern that this type of treatment could actually cause Melanoma to spread.

Of course, Dr Oz advised consulting with your physician before using this cream, which Dr Mercola said targets skin tumors in non-melanoma patients. There is supposedly a potential with this treatment that you could reduce scarring as compared to use of other products.

Chlorella Green Mineral Algae Review

Does your memory seem to be getting foggy? I’m sure most of us would prefer to keep our brains sharp. Chlorella Green Mineral Algae may be an option to help detox your body and remove Mercury, which can be associated with Brain Fog as well as Fatigue.

Chewing can release Mercury into your system, especially if you have silver fillings in your teeth. Excessive Fatigue is always a good reason to check in with your primary care physician. A doctor can evaluate your Mercury levels. If they’re high, one treatment option is Chlorella Green Mineral Algae. The dosage is 200 mg, taken with a meal. (Taking this on an empty stomach can make you nauseous.)

Dr Oz also suggested replacing dark colored fillings with ceramic replacements. In addition, he recommended eating Tuna no more than twice in a week. Other foods that can help eliminate heavy metals from your system include Cilantro, Mint and Parsley.

While Dr Mercola’s methods are a fresh approach, it’s always important to remember to keep your doctor in the loop on any changes you’d like to make to your health routine. That way a medical professional will know what’s going on with you in the event of any complications, or they can alert you to possible drug interactions, for example.


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