Dr Oz: Chlorella Green Mineral Algae & Eggplant Cream | Dr Joe Mercola


Dr Oz & Dr Joe Mercola

When Dr Oz and his guest from this episode get together, it always gets people talking. That’s because alternative medicine advocate Dr Joe Mercola can be a controversial figure in the medical community. In another recent show, he explained Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Doctor and listed some Medicines Never To Take. In this visit, Dr Mercola wanted to share some alleged miracle cures that haven’t gotten him many new fans in the medical establishment, such as BEC 5 Curaderm Cream (an Eggplant Cream to fight cancer) and Chlorella Green Mineral Algae. See what the doctors discussed and decide what to think for yourself.

Dr Joe Mercola: Quack or Miracle Man?

Eggplant Cream: Dr Oz & Dr Joe Mercola

Dr Oz's guest, Dr Joe Mercola, said that an Eggplant Cream could help cure Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer.


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