Dr Oz: ChefMD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine Review & BITES Acronym


Dr. Oz: Dr. John La Puma

Dr. Oz invited the pioneer of culinary medicine, Dr. John La Puma, on the show to talk about his science for recipes and meals that can combat diseases. And he knows what he is talking about. He is a practicing physician and a professionally trained chef.

Dr. La Puma believes food is the first like of defense in fighting diseases. He said he was very over weight in his mid 30s and was always tired. He didn’t know anything of about nutrition at the time. He didn’t even know food could be related to being healthier and less tired. He went to culinary school to learn how foods could be healthy and taste good at the same time. Dr. La Puma said he wants to boost every person’s immune system to help them fight high blood pressure, high cholesterol and to reverse the signs of aging.


Dr. Oz: ChefMD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine

A lot of viewers seemed a bit skeptical that food could change around their health so easily. But Dr. La Puma said 70 percent of heart disease is preventable, as well as 80 percent of cancer. And by eating the right foods we can help to combat both diseases. For great immunity boosting recipes Dr. La Pluma wrote his latest cookbook ChefMD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine.

Dr Oz: ChefMD's Big Book of Culinary Medicine Review & BITES Acronym

Dr. Oz invited Dr. John La Puma on the show to talk about how foods can help fight cancer. He also explains the acronym BITES.

Dr. Oz: BITES Acronym Diet

Dr. La Puma said to start fighting illnesses in our body we need to remember the acronym BITES. Dr. La Puma said to eat one of the following foods every day:

  • B – Berries – The darker the berry, the more antioxidants the berry contains.
  • I – Indian spice – Strongly anti-inflammatory and will absorb the good materials from other foods they are mixed with.
  • T – Tea – Can help fight tumor cells.
  • E – Eggs – Lots of proteins and flax seed can be gained from eating eggs
  • S – Salmon – Rich in omega-3s and high in proteins. Plus it is really hard to mess up when you cook it.

Bulgur Wheat: Super Food to Fight Cancer

Dr. La Puma also revealed some super foods that can fight cancer.

Bulgur Wheat – This powerful super food is packed full of magnesium, zinc and fiber, all key ingredients in fighting cancer. Dr. La Puma said women who consume 30 grams of the Bulgur Wheat a day cut their chances for breast cancer in half. Just one cup of the bread will supply eight grams of fiber.

Dr Oz Culinary Medicine: Homemade Lime Juice

Limes – Both the skin and the juice of this citrus fruit contains hesperidin, a cancer fighting flavonoid that has been shown to combat breast, colon, lung and liver cancer. You can make your own lime juice by combining three peeled limes with 2 cups of cold water in a blender.

Cancer Fighting Superfood: Frozen Concord Grape Dessert

Concord Grapes – Great because they are an eating and wine grape. The grapes contain resveratol, which has been shown to inhibit lymph, liver, stomach and breast cancers. Dr. La Puma recommended eating 2 cups of grapes each week, or put them in the freezer. They will taste like grape popsicles.

Dr Oz Superfood: Arugula Lung Cancer Fighter

Arugula – Dr. La Puma said eating a cup and a half of arugula per day reduced the risk of lung cancer by 15 percent in nonsmokers. He said to make sure to chew the arugula to activate the enzymes in the leaves which can help fight cancer.



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