Dr Oz: Checklist To Avoid Scam Ads Using Fake Celebrity Photos


Dr Oz: Fake Celebrity Endorsements

Dr Oz continued his discussion about scammers rigging the system as well as people who are out to get your money. Barbara Corcoran traveled across the country to track down the people responsible for using her name and image to endorse a product she has absolutely nothing to do with.

But until scammers like those men are stopped, Dr Oz wanted to be sure he helped his viewers better arm themselves against fake ads to avoid getting duped. He welcomed internet security expert Christine Durst who had a checklist for spotting fake celebrity endorsements.


Dr Oz: How To Spot A Fake News Site Checklist

First, you want to be aware of news sites trying to sell you something. As Christine stated, when you’re online, you’re your first line of defense. If you come across a news site selling something, even if it looks like a news site, take a good look at the article itself. If they seem too promotional or like they’re trying to push a product on you, chances are, they’re not real and it’s a scam.

Dr Oz: How To Spot Fake Endorsements, News Sites & Products

Dr Oz brought in an internet security expert to share tips on how to spot a fake celebrity endorsement to protect yourself and your money. (alachuacounty / Flickr)


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