Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Manic Depressive OCD & Torpedo of Truth Tour


Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Torpedo Of Truth Tour Incident

Charlie Sheen has been talking with Dr. Oz about his public meltdown last year, which ultimately led to his “Torpedo of Truth Tour,” a one-man show featuring Sheen. He said he actually got booed off stage in Detroit and people were literally throwing things at him on the stage. But Sheen was able to find the silver lining behind the experience. He said it gave him more confidence and he feels much less intimidated after the incident.

Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Dr. Oz shared that Sheen has a really high IQ and many people who have such a high rate of intelligence often live with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), which Sheen said is a major issue in his own life. He said he needs everything to be in order and organized for him to feel calm. Sheen even fixed a man’s collar at a restaurant once, saying it was ruining his own dinner to have to see the collar like it was.


Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Manic Depressive OCD & Torpedo of Truth Tour

Dr. Oz talked with Charlie Sheen about his obsessive compulsive disorder and how being booed off stage during his Torpedo of Truth Tour made him stronger. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Not Manic Depressive

Although Sheen told Dr. Oz he has experienced some manic episodes in recent years, he did not believe he suffers from depression. He said he has never felt suicidal and when he does feel depressed, he doesn’t feel depressed for very long. Sheen explained when he has felt depressed, it has often culminated with anger and sometimes led to him breaking stuff. He said he mostly breaks his own stuff and it usually makes him feel better.

Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Only Dating One Woman

When Dr. Oz asked Sheen whether he is in a relationship or not right now, he told him yes, and when Dr. Oz asked if it was with just women, Sheen chuckled and said yes again.


Sheen also added that he does have a lot of girlfriends and they sometimes come to his home which can lead to other things, but he told Dr. Oz he only is only with one woman at this time.

Sheen also said he is actually quite old-fashioned and chivalrous when it comes to women and relationships. He added, though, that he feels marriage and vows are outdated. Which kind of doesn’t make sense after his previous statement about having numerous girlfriends, but I guess it makes sense to Charlie Sheen.

Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Friends With His Doctor

While Sheen said it has been a blessing to have such a wonderful doctor, who he believes has a heart as big as his medical brain, he admitted to only following the doctor’s advice about 80 percent of the time. He said it is great to have someone out there who cares so much about you and does not watch the clock while in your presence.


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