Dr Oz: Chapped Lips, Why Do We Get Them & How To Prevent Them


Dr Oz: Why Do We Get Chapped Lips?

Dr. Oz wanted to explain why we get chapped lips, and to help him do so, chose his Assistant of the DayHe chose a woman named Lisa, and then after Lisa finally contained her excitement, Dr. Oz asked her if her fiance ever complained about her lips getting chapped.

Dr. Oz shared that before he could talk about how to fix and prevent chapped lips, we first had to know why they were getting chapped. Dr. Oz explained that some parts of the body have really thick protective layers of skin, while others don’t. He used a thick stack of papers to explain that the sole of the foot as a lot of protective skin layers, and we can lose a little bit of those layers without it becoming a big deal.


Dr Oz: Chapped Lips, Why Do We Get Them & How To Prevent Them

Dr. Oz explained what causes chapped lips and what we can do to prevent them, or even treat them once we have them. (Tatjana Romanova / Shutterstock.com)

He said the the arms have less skin than the soles of our feet, which is why our arms will peel if we go out into the sun too much. But again, the peeling isn’t too much of a big deal.

When it comes to the lips however, there’s not much of a protective layer at all. Dr. Oz explained that the lips were like one single piece of paper. He said because the lips are so thin and don’t have any oil glands, they can’t protect or even moisturize themselves.


Dr Oz: What Causes Chapped Lips?

Lisa shared that her lips get the most chapped in the winter and in the summer.

Dr. Oz explained that one reason the lips get chapped is that we forget to put SPF protection on them. He then suggested using lip balm with at least 15 SPF every morning, and all year round.

Dr. Oz explained that another reason you may get chapped lips is from breathing through your mouth instead of your nose. He explained that by breathing through your mouth, you’re taking away all the moisture from your lips. Dr. Oz explained that this is especially a problem for those that snore.

Dr. Oz asked Lisa’s fiance, Aaron, if Lisa was a snorer, and Aaron said she was. Dr. Oz said another sign that you’re a snorer is if you’re parched first thing in the morning. He said you can moisturize your lips at night with something containing Shea butter and coconut oil.

Another cause of chapped lips is constantly licking your lips. Dr. Oz explained that when your lips are dry, you want to lick them more. He said this is problem because when you add in cold air or heat, your lips will become chapped.

Dr Oz: How To Prevent Chapped Lips

Dr. Oz explained that one tip for preventing chapped lips is to rub your nose, get the oils from your nose onto your finger, and then rub that oil on your lips. It appeared as if some of the people in the audience were a bit skeptical, but Dr. Oz made a point to say if we’ve trusted him before, we should trust him now, because it could change our lives for the better.


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