Dr Oz: Centrum Chewable Flavor Burst has Dangerous Levels of Vitamin A


Dr Oz: Vitamin Companies Dupe Customers

Dr. Oz is always recommending different vitamins he wants his viewers to take, so when he found out some of the biggest vitamin companies are duping their customers, he knew he had to investigate the claim. He enlisted the help of Consumer Lab to take a closer look at vitamins and find out what is really in those supplements.

Dr Oz: Centrum Chewable Flavor Burst Has Dangerous Amounts Of Vitamin A

Dr. Tod Cooperman, President of ConsumerLab.com, researched several vitamins and found that 40 percent of the vitamins and supplements he tested came back negative. He found that one product, Centrum Chewable Flavor Burst For Adults, actually had two and half times the recommended amount of vitamin A in retinol form, which can be dangerous if too much is digested. He said the amount of vitamin A in the chewable supplements could lead to a serious problem with weakened bones.


When researching the different vitamins and supplements, Dr. Cooperman used the following criteria:

Dr Oz: Centrum Chewable Flavor Burst has Dangerous Levels of Vitamin A

Dr. Oz found out Centrum Chewable Flavor Burst vitamins contain dangerous amounts of vitamin A and Pure Essence calcium supplements have high levels of lead.

  • May have too little of an ingredient listed on the label
  • May have too much of an ingredient listed on the label
  • May be contaminated with heavy metals, like lead
  • Pills may not break apart properly

Dr Oz: Lead Found In Pure Essence Calcium Products

Although the test results for the Centrum Chewables were pretty surprising, Dr. Oz was most concerned with the calcium supplements shown to contain high levels of lead. Dr. Cooperman said Pure Essence Labs Super D-K Calcium Plus powder contained one microgram of lead per scoop. He said it may not seem like a lot, but the state of California requires products with half that amount to be labeled with a warning.


Dr. Cooperman could not believe there was lead in the calcium product because your body doesn’t need too much lead, which can lead to the lead building up over time in your bones, eventually replacing the calcium. He said it can also cause problems with memory loss and brain damage at any age.

Dr Oz: Avoid Vitamins With Label Reading “Proprietary Formula”

Dr. Tod Cooperman and Consumer Lab had three tips to help everyone keep from getting ripped off when purchasing vitamins:

Make sure a pill breaks down in your body – Place the pill in a glass of water and stir it for 30 minutes. The pill should dissolve in the water and it doesn’t, then it will not dissolve in your body and that is not good.

Check the label – Dr. Cooperman said to make sure the product has been checked by a third party. Look for seals from USP or from Consumer Lab to make sure the product is of the highest quality.

Buzz words to avoid on a vitamin label – Dr. Cooperman said to avoid products containing the words “proprietary blend” or “proprietary formula.” This usually means the company is hiding something and not disclosing the ingredients.


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