Dr Oz: Cause of a Loud Fart, Uncoupling Farts & Waxing Male Back Hair


Dr Oz: Painful Back Waxing

Dr. Oz has scoured the internet for your best videos to make everyone laugh. There is no better medicine than laughter, right? Well, he found many videos that would certainly make anyone laugh, but one in particular caught his attention.

Dr. Oz welcomed an entire family, Jim, his wife Dawn and their three children, on the show to talk about the video they made. Jim said that as he loses the hair on his head, the more it seems to grow on his back, so he decided to have his wife wax off the hair.


The video was a pretty funny video if you ask anyone but Jim. It was a bit more painful than either Jim or his wife expected, which led them to believe that maybe Dawn was doing something wrong. But she really wasn’t.

Dr Oz: How To Wax Your Back, Pain-Free

Dr. Oz offered this advice from one man with a hairy back to another:

  • Ibuprofen – Take 400 mg before waxing to help with the pain.
  • Arnica Gel – After you are done having your back waxed, have someone rub on some Arnica Gel. It will help soothe the pain naturally.
I wonder if Dr. Oz has waxed his back before?

Dr. Oz Has Really Smelly Gas

The next embarrassing moment was one Dr. Oz was actually having. He sat back in his chair as his staff revealed his most embarrassing habit, which is really bad smelling gas.


They explained, very explicitly, what it smells like and what it is like to be in the vicinity when Dr. Oz passes gas. While his staff appreciates him practicing what he preaches and not holding in his gas, they said they wished he could do it in a more private place, possibly away from all of them. Since Dr. Oz can’t answer his own embarrassing problem, his staff brought out Dr. Jonathan LaPook, one of Dr. Oz’s personal physicians, to help him get this smelly matter under wraps.

Dr. Oz: Normal to Fart 15-20 Times Daily

Dr Oz: Cause of a Loud Fart, Uncoupling Farts & Waxing Male Back Hair

Dr. Oz helped a man who was having trouble dealing with the pain of waxing his back hair.

Dr. Jonathan LaPook explained that farting is actually a by-product of digestion. While we digest most of what we eat, some things are not digested and they exit the body in the form of a gas. Although that may have been a kind of gross description of a fart, Dr. Oz admitting to passing gas around 15-20 times per day was a bit more disgusting. But Dr. LaPook said it is perfectly normal to pass gas that many times in one day.

Dr Oz: Beer, Eggs, Meat Cause Smelly Gas

Dr. LaPook explained passing gas is alright if everyone around you doesn’t have to smell the gas, but when other people are pinching their nose around you, you should probably try to make the gas less smelly. He recommended changing your diet around if your gas is really smelly.  He explained the odor happens when we eat foods that have sulfur-containing gas. Some of those foods include:

  • Cruciferous Vegetables – Cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli
  • Beer
  • Eggs
  • Meat

Dr Oz: Cause of Loud Farts & Quieting Those Farts

Dr. LaPook also wanted to go into detail about how a loud fart is caused. He said it is all about the volume and how much you are pressing down when attempting to release the gas from your body. But do not worry. There are tricks to toning down the fart.

Dr. Jonathan LaPook said the key to dousing the smell is a technique he referred to as uncoupling the fart from your clothing. He explained many people will often leave the room when they need to let out a fart, but the real trick is leaving the smell behind and not allowing it to follow you.

He explained that after you pass gas, shake your body a little, move a few feet and shake again. Only after you have thoroughly performed this technique should you return to the previous room with the peace of mind that no one is going to plug their nose because of you. Also, make sure no one sees you doing the funny shake. Then people are going to be holding their nose and laughing at you.


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