Dr Oz: Cassia Cinnamon & Yerba Mate Tea Fight Fat


Dr Oz: Jumpstart Your Mornings

Dr. Oz wanted to help everyone in the audience Jump Start all the aspects of their lives. A great place to start is the morning routine, where doing three things within 30 minutes of starting your day can help keep you in great health.

A woman from the audience said she spends her mornings getting her two young boys ready for school. She is ready to learn what she should do to take care of herself in the mornings.


Dr Oz: Fat Fighting Coffee Creamer

It's OK to use whole coffee creamer instead of fat free options; it can actually help you lose weight.

Dr Oz: Fat in Coffee Creamer is OK

For best results, these morning routine Jump Start tips are designed to be performed within the first 30 minutes after you wake up.

First, use whole cream with your coffee. Did you know that Skim Milk will actually cause your body’s insulin levels to spike? Surprisingly, author and fitness expert Tim Ferriss said you will get more health benefits from Cream in your coffee than from using a lower fat option such as milk.


All it takes is 2 tablespoons in your morning coffee to Jump Start your health as well as your day. It can actually help women lose weight.

Dr. Oz: Yerba Mate Fat Flushing Tea

If you could use a tea recipe to flush fat out of your body, why wouldn’t you? According to the Dr. Oz Show, you can do this using Yerba Mate Tea, which is easy to find at health food stores or tea shops in your area.

It works by stimulating digestion, and it’s a popular type of tea you might already have in your home. It’s rich with vitamins and antioxidants as well, so it’s a great healthy beverage option.

Dr Oz: Cassia Cinnamon Cheat

Check carefully at the grocery store to find Cassia Cinnamon. You don’t want Ceylon, which rolls from both sides.

Cassia Cinnamon looks more like bark, and can be a good addition to coffee, tea, or even a healthy snack like cottage cheese. It helps you maintain blood sugar and helps you keep from putting on fat.

Dr Oz and Tim added the Cassia Cinnamon to their tea and said it has a great taste. I wonder, because most of the time I’m not too impressed with the weak flavor of most teas.

What are your morning Jump Start habits? Are you going to try any of these suggestions?


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