Dr. Oz: Camilla’s Story – 7 Months Pregnant Binge Eater


Dr. Oz: Camilla – Pregnant Binge Eater

Camilla said she is a binge eater. The food literally makes her mouth water. She said she will eat anything, from fruit cups to potato chips. But her binge eating is a bit different than the other three women. Camilla is a 7 months pregnant binge eater.

Camilla said she starves herself all day and at the end of the night she binge eats. She seemed confused on the show, saying at one point she is not sure if she is suffocating the baby with all the food or if the baby likes all the food. Camilla said the baby kicks everytime she starts eating, like the baby is excited to eat.


Really? Excited? The baby is probably scared. Do you agree? Let me know in the comment box below.

Dr. Oz: What About Your Child?

Dr. Oz talks to Camilla, a 7 mont pregnant women who can not stop binge eating.

Dr. Oz asked Camilla if she ever thinks about her baby when she is eating and Camilla said she is always thinking about her child. She said she never knows when her child is hungry, so she feeds it a lot of food.


Dr. Oz: Could Binge Eating Stem from Childhood?

Dr. Oz continues his questioning asking her what it was like growing up. Camilla told him she was always the fat one and started eating a lot of food when she was very young. She recalled her grandmother being very mean to her about her weight, which pushed Camilla even closer to the food, making her eat even more food to suppress the sadness she felt. She said the food helps make her feel better.

Most of these women all have the same trend. They tell no one about the binge eating and are too ashamed to ask for help.

Binge Eating: Doctors Need to Know

Camilla told Dr. Oz she has not told her doctor she is a binge eater because every time she goes for a check up the child is always healthy. Dr. Oz said this is extremely bad. He said her doctors need to know and he also told Camilla she is condemning her unborn child to a life of health risks such as diabetes and weight problems. Dr. Oz also told Camilla the most important time in a person’s life is within the womb.

Dr. Oz: Time to Change

Camilla said she wants to change after she gives birth to the baby, to which Dr. Oz pointed out the baby is almost due and she has done nothing to curb her eating habits.

He asked if she may be lonely, but Camilla said she does not eat because she is lonely, she eats because it makes her feel better. Camilla said she never realized she had a problem until she was pregnant and keeps the binge eating to herself.

This woman is making me very nervous for her child.


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