Dr Oz: C-Reactive Protein Test for Inflammation & Waist-Hip Ratio


Dr Oz: What Your Annual Physical Isn’t Telling You

An annual physical is meant to give you an overall snapshot of your (hopefully good) health. But Dr Oz said there are important things it does not tell you. Learn about three tests you should ask for, which are covered by insurance. Learn about the Waist-Hip Ratio, C-Reactive Protein Test, and TSH Thyroid levels.

Internist and women’s health expert Dr Donnica Moore said a physical is meant to review changes in your medical symptoms, medication, and family history. It’s also a time to go over what medications you take, and answer questions about your general health.


Dr Oz: Waist-Hip Ratio Measurement

Dr Oz: C-Reactive Protein Test for Inflammation & Waist-Hip Ratio

Are you due for an annual physical? Dr Oz and his experts shared three tests covered by insurance that you should ask for to get a picture of your health.

Dr Neal Barnard said on Dr Oz that weight is not the best test of whether you are obese and if the fat on your body is in a dangerous area. Visceral fat around the organs can be very dangerous, whereas subcutaneous fat is not as much of a concern.

A brave audience member agreed to volunteer to have her Waist-Hip Ratio measured. Do this standing, not while sitting. Be sure to take a horizontal measurement, dividing the waist measurement by the hip measurement.


The volunteer had a measurement of 34/38, resulting in .89. For women, the ideal is below 0.85 for women and below .9 for men. You could even try this test at home!

Dr Oz: C-Reactive Protein Test for Inflammation

How can you calculate the inflammation in your body and see it in your blood? The CRP Blood Test, or C-Reactive Protein test, can return results to determine whether you have cardiovascular inflammation, to tell you about how plaque is building up in your arteries.

An audience volunteer got a result of 0.9 in the test, and according to Dr Moore, this is in a normal range. Under 1 indicates low risk, whereas 1-3 is average, and above 3 mg per liter is high. Dr Moore told Dr Oz that 2.7 or higher in women puts you at twice the risk for heart attack or stroke.

Dr Oz: TSH Thyroid Range

Have you had your Thyroid level checked? Dr Susan Blum said that you should have your TSH tested every year. It can tell you how your Thyroid is working and give you an indicator of your stress levels.

The audience volunteer’s result was 2.7. Dr Blum told Dr Oz that the normal range is 0.4-4.0, but people generally feel best below 2.5. She said that it can be a sign of your Thyroid slowing down, so you can take steps to prevent Thyroid Disease. (Try adding Kelp Flakes to your diet as a source of Iodine.)



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