Dr Oz: Butt Injection Addiction, Lip Balm Addiction & Tongue Twisters


Dr Oz: Strange Addiction – Coffee Enemas

Dr. Oz met a couple with a strange addiction to coffee enemas and he tried to explain the dangers of doing coffee enemas so often and how they could ween themselves off the coffee enemas without hurting their bodies even further.

Dr Oz: Silicone and Super Glue Butt Injection Addiction

Dr. Oz’s next guest from the TLC show My Strange Addiction told Dr. Oz she is addicted to butt injections. Dr. Oz told the audience this women is putting herself at risk every time she injects something into her body because she gets the injections from the black market, which means they are not regulated and could be something other than what she thinks she has purchased.


Plastic surgeon Anthony Youn said this women could be one injection away from dying and she needed to stop immediately. Dr. Youn explained how the unsafe procedure the women is performing on herself involved the use of industrial strength silicone and super glue, a concoction that is far different than the type of injection you would find in his office. Normally someone would get around five injections during the procedure, but the women with the addiction has had 54 injections of the unsafe silicone and glue mix.

Dr Oz: Treating Plastic Surgery Addiction

Dr Oz: Butt Injection Addiction, Lip Balm Addiction & Tongue Twisters

Dr. Oz talked with a woman addicted to butt injections, another addicted to chap stick, one who dresses like her dog.

Dr. Mike Dow told Dr. Oz treating someone who is addicted to plastic surgery can be pretty tough because the person often focuses on one part of the body and they feel as if one surgery is going to make them feel better about their appearance, although it never does. The person will continue going back, leading to an unhealthy desire to fix other parts of their body, until it finally becomes a full blown addiction.


Dr Oz: Women Wears the Same Outfits as Her Dog

Do you have a really weird habit that you are embarrassed of because your friends and family might think it is weird? Dr. Oz and Dr. Dow said many people do things they think is weird but continue doing it anyways because they enjoy it, just like the women who likes wearing matching outfits with her dog. Dr. Oz and Dr. Dow both said it may be odd but it was okay and not something the woman needed to stop. Dr. Dow has even been known to dress his dog up every once in a while.

Dr Oz: Women Applies Lip Balm 3 Times an Hour

Dr. Oz’s next guest was a women who said she has around 40 tubes of lip balm spread about her house and office. She told Dr. Oz she applies lip balm about three times every hour and feels as if that is completely normal to do. Dr. Oz disagreed though. He said lip balm can be healthy for your lips, but applying too much lip balm can actually strip away your skin and cause chapped lips and rawness. He recommended she cut back on her usage of lip balm and look for a product that is lanolin based because it will not irritate the outer layer of skin.

Dr Oz: Are 100 Pairs of Shoes Too Many?

The next women Dr. Oz talked with said she has over 100 pairs of shoes. She likes to have so many pairs because it makes her feel confident when she has the right pair of shoes on. Dr. Dow said it was perfectly fine behavior for her to have so many shoes. He said it would only be a problem if the women was not paying her rent every month because she was spending so much of her money on shoes every month. She assured him it was not the case, saying she is very frugal and always looks for the best bargains.

Dr Oz: Tongue Twisters Stimulate Brain Activity

Tongue twisters can be fun and they can be aggravating at times, but Dr. Oz said they are also a fun way to stimulate brain activity. He challenged a few audience members to see how they would do with a few tricky tongue twisters.

  1. “Little Mabel blew a bubble, and it caused a lot of trouble…..such a lot of bubble trouble in a bibble-bobble way.”
  2. “If Freaky Fred found fifty feet of fruit and fed forty feet to his friend Frank, how many feet of fruit did Freaky Fred find?”
  3. “Betty Boughter bought some butter, but she said the butter’s bitter-if I put it in my batter it will make my batter biter but a bit of better butter will make it better.”
  4. “If one doctor doctors another doctor, does the doctor who doctors the doctor-doctor the doctor the way the doctor he is doctoring-doctors?”


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