Dr Oz: Bras Do Not Prevent Sagging & Beans Don’t Make Smelliest Farts


Dr Oz: Debunking Medical Myths

Dr. Oz has debunked a lot of medical myths on his show. He went over the myths your dermatologist believes, he has debunked the myths your mother told you and May 10 2013, Dr. Oz is debunking the myths even he believed at one time.

Myth – Wearing a Bra Prevents Sagging

Dr. Oz has always said wearing a bra can prevent sagging breasts but new research seems to suggest wearing a bra could cause more sagging. He explained that the ligaments in the breasts need to maintain their properties but with a bra holding them back all the time, the ligaments can not move around.


He demonstrated on a model how when your bra comes off, the breasts will be able to move and the ligaments will be able to stretch. While this seems like a bad thing, it actually helped to strengthen the ligaments.

Dr Oz: Bras Do Not Prevent Sagging & Beans Don't Make Smelliest Farts

Dr. Oz revealed that bras do not prevent sagging, beans are not going to make your farts the smelliest and not all toenail infections need to be treated.

While Dr. Oz knows most women wear their bra most of the day, he recommended all women take their bras off when they go to bed. He said this is especially important for anyone under the age of 35.


Myth – Toenail Infections Should Always Be Treated

If you have an infection on your toenail, Dr. Oz would normally tell you to go to the doctor but today he is advising you just leave it alone.

Dr. Oz explained if the toenail is simply yellow and there is no pus, flaking or redness around the toenail, then it can be left alone because it is probably a fungus infection. Dr. Oz said he is not worried about this kind of infection because they are not dangerous and they are more of a cosmetic problem than anything else. If you would like to have it fixed, Dr. Oz said there are new laser treatments that can get rid of the fungus.

However, if you have a bacterial infection and there is pus and redness around the toenail, then it needs to be checked out by a doctor. He said the doctor will most likely squeeze out the pus and prescribe an antibiotic.

Myth – Beans Cause Smelliest Gas

Have you ever heard the rhyme, “Beans, beans, the magical food, the more you eat the more you toot?” Well it is true that beans can cause gas but there are foods that can cause even more gas. Dr. Oz said the biggest culprit is dairy.

He explained for people who do not have a lot of lactase in their body, the dairy is harder to break down. What happens is the dairy goes from the small intestine to the large intestine and into the stomach where it waits to be excreted. While there, bacteria eat the dairy and they let off gas which causes you to bloat and have smelly gas.

If you don’t have a problem with dairy, it is probably because you have a lot of lactase enzymes. But for most people, especially older people, there are less lactase enzymes to break down the dairy.

Not all dairy is the same though. Dr. Oz said milk and pudding are going to cause the worst gas and bloating while cheese will have less of an effect.


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