Dr Oz: Boiled Greek Coffee Recipe & Preparing Greek Coffee in Briki


Dr Oz: Greek Coffee vs American Coffee

I bet you never thought Greek coffee could be the answer to lowering heart disease and lowering the risk for diabetes. Well, Dr. Oz and medicine hunter Chris Kilham explained the health benefits of Greek coffee and explained how it differs from American coffee. Keep reading to find out how to prepare the best Greek coffee you can.

Dr Oz Boiled Greek Coffee Recipe

Dr Oz: Boiled Greek Coffee Recipe & Preparing Greek Coffee in Briki

Dr. Oz talked with a Greek coffee expert about the best way to make a cup of a Greek coffee and she shared her boiled Greek coffee recipe with the audience.


Dr. Oz brought on a boiled Greek coffee expert to go over the best way to make a cup of Greek coffee. The expert, Ya-Ya Nouly Lolis, said she has been drinking Greek coffee her entire life and she is over 60-years-old, has a healthy heart and more energy than a little kid.

Check out her secret recipe for boiled Greek coffee below:

Dr Oz Boiled Greek Coffee Ingredients: 

  • 2 cups cold water
  • 2 teaspoons coffee

Dr Oz Boiled Greek Coffee Directions:

  • Bring the coffee and water to a boil and wait for the foam to appear, about two to three minutes after the boiling has begun.The more bubbles there are after the boiling, the richer the coffee will taste.

Lolis recommended pouring the coffee into a small cup and allowing the ground to settle on the bottom before taking a sip. She also suggested preparing your Greek coffee in a Briki. If you don’t have one, she said a small pot would work just as well.

Dr Oz: Purchasing Greek Coffee

Chris Kilham told Dr. Oz’s audience they can purchase Greek coffee from specialty shops or online, but you can also achieve the same benefits from regular coffee as long as the coffee is ground very fine.

Let us know if you have ever tried Greek coffee. Can you feel the health benefits? Let us know in the comments so we can figure out if we need to change up our coffee habits.



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    Interesting article. I am expert on this topic but I am very happy to find Chris Kilham’s views on Greek coffee benefits. Some minor mistakes in the Greek coffee preparation though. “Boil” is a no-no word for any kind of coffee.

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