Dr Oz: Body Quotient Vs BMI, Heart Rate & How Much Water To Drink


Dr Oz: Rewriting Health Rules

Dr Oz set out to Rewrite Health Rules and make life easier for fans. He talked about your heart rate, Body Mass Index, and how much water you should be drinking.

Dr Oz: Monitor Your Heart Rate

Dr Oz: Body Quotient Vs BMI, Heart Rate & How Much Water To Drink

Do you know your Body Quotient? Dr Oz shared some new health rules, including the idea that your BQ results may be more accurate than the old BMI test. (karen roach / Shutterstock.com)


If you find yourself at a doctor’s office or hospital and are in need of an Electrocardiogram (EKG), doctors will want to have a normal heart rate to compare your results to. It’s important to know whether your heart rate is irregular, because it can be tied to health complications.

Doctor Oz said you can check your pulse at home to keep track of your own heart rate. He asked Mary to help him demonstrate this. Just place your right index finger and middle finger on your left wrist.

Gently touch the surface and keep moving your fingers until you feel your pulse. You should feel even, regular beats. Monitor this for about 50 seconds to make sure that there is a normal rhythm. If there is not, consult a doctor for further medical advice.


Dr Oz: Body Quotient Vs BMI

Body Mass Index (BMI) is often referred to when calculating a patient’s obesity, which can be tied to Heart Attack risk and other health factors. However, some question whether this is the most accurate disease indicator.

Dr Oz’s new health rule was to learn your Body Quotient (BQ), found from an ABSI calculation created by weight loss experts. BQ is meant to determine your morbidity risk.

You will need to know:

  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Gender
  • Waist Circumference

Use a cloth tape measure to determine your waist circumference. Then input the data into the calculator on Dr Oz’s website to get your results.

  • Negative number – Good
  • 0 – Normal
  • Positive number – Bad

Dr Oz: How Much Water To Drink in a Day

You have probably heard that people are supposed to drink eight glasses of water each day. Instead, Dr Oz’s new rule is to drink only when you are thirsty.

Do you know what color your urine should be? Dr Oz said it should be almost clear, rather than a deep shade of yellow. If your urine is purple, that can be a sign that you ate beets. It may also indicate blood, which can be serious, so check in with your doctor if you see that.



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      Try the quiz again, but take out any special characters. You can only input numbers. For example, you will have to convert your height to inches only. That should resolve the NAN error.

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