Dr Oz: Body Language Signs: Hand Gestures, Blinking Rate & Yawning


Dr Oz: Body Language Diagnosis

Your body can tell you a lot about your health, and Dr. Oz already revealed how handwriting can give clues to our wellbeing through Grapotherapy Analysis.

But did you know that your Body Language could also hold health secrets? Tics like scratching your nose can give away that you are lying, but did you know it goes deeper than that?


Dr Oz: Yawning Health Hazards

Did you know Yawning can be a sign of serious health problems? Find out why.

Janine Driver is a body language expert, and she shared the insights that can be communicated through your nonverbal actions. Your body could be sending early warning signs, but you have to know what they are to be able to pick up on them.

Doctor Oz: Yawning Health Warning

Did you know that Yawning could actually say something about your overall health? Dr Oz busted audience member Alicia yawning when she thought she wasn’t on camera.


Alicia said she wasn’t bored, but she is stressed and doesn’t get enough sleep. Maybe she just wasn’t buying the handwriting analysis.

Janine said that yawning because you’re tired or bored is completely normal. But if your yawning is persistent and interrupts conversations or meals, you could have a more serious problem. That’s cool I guess, but it’s not particularly insightful. If your body does anything too much, it probably means something’s not going right.

Dr Oz: How Often Do You Blink?

The average person blinks between four and 14 times every minute. Someone got to county Dr. Oz’s blinks and found he had 10 blinks in an minute.

You can find this out for yourself by counting and timing yourself to establish a baseline. Then if you notice that your blinking rate starts to rise, or even doubles, it is an early sign of a coming cold.

But if your base blinking rate starts to go noticeably down, that’s a serious warning sign because it could be an early symptom of Parkinson’s Disease.

Dr Oz: Depression & Body Language

Do you talk with your hands? A lot of people do, and it appears to be a sign of confidence and energy. But if you notice yourself becoming less animated with your body language in conversations or meetings at work, you could be suffering from depression. Ask yourself if you also notice having less energy, which is another common giveaway of Depression.


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