Dr Oz: Body Language Can Reveal Lupus, Ear Infections & Silent Reflux


Dr Oz: What Your Body Language Says About Your Health

Everything you do, even your body language, can be a clue to revealing the inner workings of your body and health. While there are many reasons, medical and non-medical, why someone does something peculiar with their body language, some of those could be signs that something has gone wrong in the body. Keep reading to find out how you can figure out the difference between body language pointing to a health problem and other types of body language.

Dr Oz: Body Language Related To Health

Dr. Oz brought on Dr. Darria Long Gillespie, a medical doctor and expert in reading body language, to explain what your body language says about your health. Dr. Gillespie said medical doctors are trained to not only listen to their patient’s symptoms but to also watch their body language because it could reveal clues to an underlying medical condition.


Dr Oz: Body Language Can Reveal Lupus, Ear Infections & Silent Reflux

Dr. Oz discussed how body language can point to serious medical conditions. Rubbing your eyes could be lupus, and clearing your throat could be silent reflux.

Dr Oz: Throat Clearing a Sign Of Silent Reflux

Chris Ulrich, a body language expert, told Dr. Oz people use throat-clearing as a stalling technique. He often sees this type of body language in the courtroom.

On the medical side of things, Dr. Gillespie said if she sees a patient clearing their throat on a regular basis, she gets concerned about silent reflux, which has symptoms similar to asthma along with hoarseness and coughing.


Dr Oz: Eye Rubbing a Sign Of Lupus

Do you rub your eyes often? Is it because you are tired? If you aren’t feeling tired but you’re still rubbing your eyes, Dr. Oz said it could be a sign of lupus. Chris Ulrich explained that rubbing your eyes can be a sign that you are stressed because it is a way to block out the rest of the world with your hands over your eyes.

But from a medical standpoint, Dr. Gillespie said rubbing your eyes could be a sign of lupus. She explained that as we get older our eyes tend to dry out meaning older people rub their eyes more often than younger people. But she said it could also be a sign of something wrong internally, such as the autoimmune disorder lupus, which has other symptoms such as joint pain, swelling and a red rash underneath the eyes.

Dr Oz: Surprising Ear Infection Symptom

Did you ever think being clumsy could be a sign of something serious happening in your body? Dr. Gillespie said she worries about someone who is always stumbling or tripping because it could be a sign of a neurological problem or an inner ear infection because the ears are connected directly to the ability to balance.

Chris Ulrich said one non-medical reason for a person stumbling is due to feeling nervous or anxious, like when you have to speak in from of a lot of people.


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