Dr Oz: Body Hacks, Fight Or Flight + Cold Shower Boost Metabolism


Dr Oz: Hack Your Body

Can you really hack your body to reverse disease and achieve optimal health? Dr Oz welcomed Scott Carney, the author of “What Doesn’t Kill Us.” Scott explained that humans have been around for thousands of years, during which they endured constant variations. He believes our bodies are made to adapt and adapt rapidly to environmental changes, as needed. But now, we live in a mostly climate-controlled world no matter what the weather is like outside. He believes that because we aren’t facing those variations, we’re not “stimulating our biology.”

He claims that while it looks shocking to most people that he would climb Mount Kilimanjaro shirtless, it’s actually a human ability that we have, “and by exercising that, we can do great things like we improve our immune systems, we can lose weight very rapidly.”



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