Dr Oz: BOAT Diarrhea Remedy & Constipation Fighting Foods


Dr Oz: S-Shaped Poop

Dr Oz did a segment on Pee & Poop.  Then he brought up audience member, Charla, who stated that she didn’t go as often as she needed to and even a couple of times per week, she didn’t go at all. When Dr Oz asked what foods she enjoyed, Charla stated that she loved pastas, and in the mornings, she ate bagels and toast.

Dr Oz: Constipation Remedies

Doctor Oz asked Charla to put on the gloves. He pulled the blue sheet and revealed rolled up guts. (I know, disgusting, right? Well, it gets better.) Dr Oz Diarrhea Remedy Dr Oz had Charla hold the rectum portion while he unraveled the guts. (See, I told you.) While he unraveled, he indicated where the stomach, the small intestine, the colon and the appendix were. Dr Oz says that foods had a long way to travel. Constipation happened when the intestines attempted to squeeze the toothpaste looking material out and it went nowhere.

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