Dr Oz: Blueprint For Balance + Importance Of Optimism


Dr Oz: Balance Blueprint

Dr Oz was excited to introduce his year-long plan focused on balance, helping people to “go from burnout to back on track.” He first shared a quote from Albert Einstein “Life is like riding a bicycle – to keep your balance you must keep moving.” His Blueprint for Balance is guaranteed to help all those who have a hard time figuring out how to balance work, happiness, health, and family, as well as food, money, love, strength, spirit, and forgiveness.


Dr Oz brought together a team of experts to help his viewers commit to getting their lives back on track. He welcomed Dr Sanjay Gupta to join him on the show. Dr Gupta said for him, balance has to do with mindfulness and being present in the moment and giving something your complete attention. Dr Gupta continued saying that if you’re thinking about something else while doing one thing, it creates a sense of guilt, which affects balance and happiness.

Dr Oz: Blueprint For Balance + Living In The Moment

Dr Oz revealed his year-long plan to help his viewers find more balance in their lives and the panel of experts he has to help him. (wscullin / Flickr)


Dr Oz: Get Back On Track + Focus On Yourself

Dr Oz then welcomed more of his expert team to the show, including Gabrielle Bernstein, who said “true balance has to come from a desire to surrender.” She said we have to accept that we can’t please everyone or achieve our goals immediately, so we have to let ourselves off the hook. Susan Cain, author and motivational speaker, who said calm comes from a place of being entitled to be who you are and taking the alone time you need. She said getting the alone time we need is what allows us to be present for the people we love.

Dr Oz also talked to Dr Drew Ramsey, a clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, who said we’re obsessed with the wrong kinds of foods, which throw off our balance. He also welcomed Donna D’Cruz, an expert at balancing work and personal life, who said we have to remember we are “human beings, not human doings” so it’s in our being that we can live the best life we can.

Dr Oz: Being Happy Means Living Longer

Dr Sanjay Gupta stressed the importance for living in the moment, saying it makes you a lot better at what you’re doing in that moment. This applies to both professional and personal things. Dr Gupta said you’ll know when you’re happy when you feel it. Happiness is a life of contentment and purpose. He said we need to decrease cynicism and let go of grudges because they do no good.

Dr Oz: Science Behind Happiness

Dr Gupta has actually found proof that living in the moment is good for your health. A large part of our happiness is tied to our social connections. We each have things called telomeres which are tiny caps on our DNA chromosomes that measure our cellular age. They also measure how many friends you have! If you have no friends, you have shorter telomeres. By being social, you can slow down your biological age, which means a longer, happier life.

Dr Gupta said when it comes to friends it’s about quality over quantity. You’re better having one best friend that lots of pretty good friends. Dr Oz said he’ll even have his patients bring someone in with them, because it’s important to have someone there with you during good times and bad.

Dr Oz: The Importance Of Optimism

Dr Oz then wanted to know whether you thought more about what you need or about what you have? For me it’s pretty split, thinking pretty evenly thinking about both. Dr Oz said it’s basically the class half full or empty question, just rephrased. He explained that it’s important to be optimistic and change the way you perceive things, because that also can affect your happiness. Dr Gupta added that if you’re an optimist, you’re 50% less likely to have a heart attack or stroke. You’re also more likely to have better blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Practicing optimism every day is a true therapy. Optimism can also slow the progression of disease and release hormones that can improve our overall health.

Dr Oz: Laugh More!

Dr Gupta also¬†talked about a study that showed how laughter can improve your health, as well, with it even lowering the risk of experiencing heart conditions, even after they already existed. Laughter is powerful medicine! Even if it’s “fake laughter” it’s a good place to start, so go ahead and let it out now. Ha ha! He got his entire audience laughing, which may have started out fake, but certainly ended up real!


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