Dr Oz: Black Spots a Sign of Sepsis & Sepsis Symptoms vs Flu Symptoms


Dr Oz: Sepsis Symptoms vs Flu Symptoms

Today, Dr. Oz sat down with the parents of a young boy who came home from school with a minor cut that led to a deadly infection.

The parents told Dr. Oz how they rushed their son to the doctor’s office after an entire night of vomiting and complaining of severe pain in his leg. The doctors convinced the parents the child had a flu and the pain in the leg was coming from the fall he took earlier. The doctors further recommended taking him to the emergency room to be rehydrated since his liquids were dangerously low.


Dr Oz: Black Spots a Sign of Sepsis & Sepsis Symptoms vs Flu Symptoms

Dr Oz talked with parents who lost their son to sepsis after he fell and said doctors discharged him from the hospital despite blood work suggesting sepsis.

Never once did Rory’s parents think his condition could turn fatal. Even after his fever spiked to over 104 degrees, doctors continuing telling them these are typical signs of the flu and the only thing they could do was to keep him rehydrated. Even after Rory was not able to sit up on the couch at home, doctors kept insisting it was just a severe case of the flu.

Dr Oz: Black Spots a Sign Of Sepsis

Rory’s father told Dr. Oz he and his wife began getting more worried for their son after his body started to become covered with black spots, which were spreading all over his body at a rapid pace. They immediately rushed him to the emergency room where they had just been less than 24 hours prior. It was then that Rory’s parents were given some grave news. Their son was very ill due to something attacking his system but doctors had no idea what it could be. He was rushed to the ICU where doctors began running tests to find out what was wrong with Rory and what was attacking his body.


Rory’s father told Dr. Oz he never thought his son would die. The thought never crossed his mind. It was only a few minutes after thinking about his son in the ICU, having testing done, that a doctor came out and told the parents their son had passed.

Dr Oz: Rory Staunton Positive Blood Test Results For Sepsis

Orlaith and Ciaran Staunton described their son Rory as a bright and energetic boy who had even visited the White House and met President Obama and The First Lady. He was very outspoken, he was caring and like most boys his age he did not like doing homework.

Rory’s mother told Dr. Oz neither she nor her husband had ever heard of sepsis until after the death of their son. They later came to find out the hospital had blood test results showing Rory’s body suffering from sepsis with vital signs that should have been a concern. Even with this information, the hospital discharged Rory without ever telling his parents about the blood test results.


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