Dr Oz: Beware of Free Range Labels & Buy Animal Welfare Approved Meat


Dr Oz: Is Free Range Worth the Money?

Dr. Oz as already talked about the dangerous yellow dye #5 and #6 inside Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and he talked about the horse meat scandal that spread all over Europe. He talked with experts about whether we could find horse meat in our meat products, and now he is going over what labels to avoid at the grocery store and which ones are worth the extra money.

Dr Oz: Misleading Buzzwords On Meat Products

Dr. Oz introduced Urvashi Rangan from Consumer Reports who shared tips with the audience to help them understand food labels and be more aware of what they are buying at the grocery store. She went over a few of the most misleading marketing “buzzwords” that Dr. Oz admitted fooled him into buying a product.


Dr Oz: Beware of Free Range Labels & Buy Animal Welfare Approved Meat

Dr. Oz talked with an expert about the different labels on meat that might not mean what you think. He said to avoid free range and cage-free labels on meat.

Beware Of “Natural” Food Labels On Meat

Urvashi Rangan told Dr. Oz it is not worth it to invest in “natural” products. While it does mean there is nothing artificial in the meat, it has nothing to do with how well the animal was raised, what drugs it could have been given while it was alive or whether it was even taken outside at any point in it’s life.

Beware Of “Cage-Free” and “Free Range” Labels On Meat

Rangan said these are marketing words that make you think you are getting something you are not. She explained that free-range simply means the animal was given the option to go outside but that doesn’t mean it actually did. Cage-free means the animal was given the option to step outside it’s cage but it could have still been confined to a barn and walking around in it’s own filth.


Buy Products With “Animal Welfare Approved” Stickers

This is considered the gold standard for meat, said Rangan. For a meat product to get this rating it must be verified before the sticker is placed on the product. To be verified for the sticker the animals must be free of antibiotics or any other drugs and they are given space requirements. Rangan said this is an unusual sticker to find though, because someone has to go to the farm to verify the animal’s conditions while being raised before giving approval.

Look For “100% Grass Fed and Organic”

Rangan said this is the best place to spend extra money because it guarantees you a high-quality meat that was raised humanely and fed what it was meant to eat, like cows eating actual grass instead of corn-based food.


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