Dr Oz: Being More In The Moment + How Do You Define Happy?


Dr Oz: Questions To Become More Aware

Dr Oz had revealed his year-long Blueprint for Balance plan and to help everyone get started, he had five questions that can help you become more aware. He welcomed Nataly Kogan, CEO of Happier, a health and wellness company. Nataly knows how to relate to feeling unbalanced and stressed because she’s a working mom. She said being president doesn’t necessarily mean meditating, because it’s less about what you’re doing and more about where your mind is. Just focus on whatever you’re doing and you’re much happier that way!


The first question you should ask yourself is “what do I enjoy about this moment?” Second, “what can I do to help?” Then, “what can I learn from this?” Fourth, “how would I like this to happen next time?” And finally, “what’s funny about this?”

Dr Oz: Being More In The Moment + How Do You Define Happy?

If you have a hard time being in the moment and it’s affecting your happiness, Dr Oz had five questions you can ask yourself to be more aware. (bs / Flickr)

No matter what situation you’re in, asking yourself just one of those questions can turn the negative into a positive.


Dr Oz: Being More In The Moment

Dr Oz wanted to see how these questions would work in real life, so he asked Liz, a mother of a 2-year-old to apply the technique in her own life to see if it could work for her. Liz was upset because she missed her daughter’s first words, first steps, and even the first time she said mama, because she was on her phone. Liz joined Dr Oz and explained that when she’s with her daughter and the phone rings, her first reaction is “don’t pick it up” but then she thinks about who it could be.

Nataly said the question best for Liz would be “what can I learn from this moment?” Liz has a choice, and sometimes she needs to answer the phone, and that’s okay. But sometimes she doesn’t have to answer the phone and be there with her daughter. Plus, it’s important for Liz to remember that any moment with her daughter can be unique and special, as long as she’s there for it.

Dr Oz: Focus & Honesty

If you’re trying to decide whether to answer the phone or spend time with your child, remember focus and honesty. Think about what the more important thing is to focus on, and sometimes that’s answering the phone. Sometimes it’s okay to just pick up the phone and say “I’m with my daughter right now can I call you back?” It’s important to be honest with yourself and others about it, and it makes it much easier.

To help herself stay balanced, each day Nataly writes down three things that she appreciated about her day. Gratitude is powerful in terms of health and it also helps you remember to present in the moment.

I frequently ask myself what I can learn from situations, especially as a mother, so that I can continue to grow and be better for my son. Could you ask yourselves these questions in tough situations to become a happier version of yourself?

Dr Oz: How Do You Define Happy?

Dr Oz then wanted to have a little fun so he asked a few children what happy means to them. Kids aged 7 and 8 were asked what happiness is and they had all kinds of wonderful responses.

“It kind of tickles!” “When you spend time with your family.” “Jumping around like I usually do.” “Music makes me happy because I like dancing.” “My mom makes me happy when she tickles me.” “Happiness is about love.”


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