Dr Oz: Babies Born in the Winter Months Have Higher Risk of Depression


Dr Oz: Birth Order Determines Health Problems?

Dr. Sue Varma has some astounding information about your health. Did you know your health is related to the order you were born in? She explained that while birth order has always determined certain personality characteristics, new studies have found that birth order is also related to your health. Dr. Varma said many people will go on to marry someone of the same birth order because both tend to gravitate towards each other.

Dr Oz: First-Born Child Has Most Stress, Leads To Heart Disease

The first-born child is usually highly successful according to Dr. Varma. They’re also less likely to take risks and they are normally the caregivers of the family if that responsibility needs to be met. Since they have the highest level of stress in the family, Dr. Varma said they are most likely to suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease.


Dr Oz: Second-Born At Greater Risk For Depression, Chronic Fatigue

Dr. Varma said the middle child usually feels like the odd man out and they are always striving to prove themselves. She said the middle child is also the child who has the most success but in a different way than the first-born. Dr. Varma said the first-born usually has his or her success due to pressure from their parents.

Dr Oz: Babies Born in the Winter Months Have Higher Risk of Depression

Dr Sue Varma revealed your birth order and the season you were born in can determine health issues, like having a higher risk for depression.

Dr. Varma said the middle child will often have the most friends because they are trying to make up for feeling like an outsider. She said this feeling of being outside of their own family usually leads the middle child to have a greater risk of depression and symptoms of chronic fatigue.


Dr Oz: Youngest Child Has Greatest Risk For Addiction

Dr. Varma said the youngest child usually has the best sense of humor which they develop hoping to get more attention from the family. They are oftentimes entertainers and big risk takers. Dr. Varma said this need to take risks often puts the youngest child in the family at the greatest risk for addiction.

Dr Oz: Only Child At Greater Risk For Obesity

Dr. Varma said for the only child in the family, they often have a mix of characteristics from the oldest and youngest child. Along with the traits above for the oldest and youngest child, an only child is also very precocious and sophisticated. An only child is at risk for obesity because the parents of the child try to give their child everything he or she wants and they often overcompensate for not having any other children.

Dr Oz: Babies Born In Summer At Greater Risk For a Stroke

Dr. Sue Varma said the season you’re born in could play a role in your health as well.

Winter (Born between December and February) – Dr. Varma said children born in the winter months are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. She said the best advice she can give is to go and hang out with friends to prevent mood disorders from developing. She also recommended eating some of the food below to give you a mood boost.

  • Turkey breast
  • Edamame
  • Peanuts

Spring (Born between March and May) – Dr. Varma said children born in the spring are more likely to develop Seasonal Affective Disorder. Dr. Oz suggested adding more vitamin D to your diet and eating some of the food below to help you avoid feeling depressed in the cold weather.

  • Fortified milk
  • Salmon
  • Mushrooms

Summer (Born between June and August) – Dr. Varma said children born in the summer are at greater risk for a stroke but she said there are some foods that can help lower your risk.

  • Fruits and vegetables with white flesh such as apples, pears and cauliflower.

Fall (Born between September and November) – Those born in the fall are at a greater risk for asthma, according to Dr. Sue Varma.

  • Himalayan salt – Dr. Oz said you can actually inhale this type of salt to help clear your respiratory system of impurities, which is excellent for people with asthma.

Dr Oz: When Will the Penny Retire In the United States?

Dr. Oz said that several other countries have already stopped using the penny, but they are still in circulation here in the United States. While there is a rumor that they will be retired soon, he shared some crafty ideas from fans. One family created a portrait of Dr. Oz completely out of pennies.


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